Saturday, February 6, 2016

Before CNY holidays

A week before CNY holidays....
As usual, had dinner with the working peeps on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tuesday, Charissa, Vian, Tim and Titus came, after dinner, we had jam sessions as usual.LOL
Tim will play the guitar, I'll play the keyboard, and the rest will just sing any songs that comes to their mind.

~our jam sess~

Wednesday, went for free KFC with Kim and Vian. Thanks Bryan for the free gift voucher. 
Yay to free food!

~with our Snack plate~

Thursday, met up with Kim and Christine for lunch!!
Hahaha, mentang mentang SV not in, so I went out with them for lunch.

After that, around 4pm, I left my office, went with Kim to kidnap Jennice to UT.LOL

 ~us for dinner at Destino Caffee~

We went for dinner at Destino Caffee somewhere near Empire Damansara.
This cafe was opened by Char's cousin, so we went there to support.
Overall,the food was good, price quite reasonable also =)

Friday was the last day of work! yay to holidays!
Asked my dad to buy a box of oranges for my SV.
SV met le dad to say thank you for the oranges.huhu, then she told my dad, your daughter very good and hardworking *omo blush*.haha

Will be having break for a week.
Happy Chinese New Year peeps!! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Productive Holidays

On Sunday, we made a random trip down to Seremban.
To surprise Clem and celebrate his birthday in advance.
Started our journey around 8am, and we reached Taman Ujong Methodist Church around 9.20am, ngam ngam for their service at 9.30am.

Kinda awkward and funny when we stepped into the church compound, coz we don't know anyone.LOL, "invited ourselves to TUMC"
Buuuuut.... haha uncle Kwan saw us, I think he was kinda shocked to see the 3 of us, then I told him the purpose of us being there.haha
Met my hometown friend there and also my cuzzie! (i thought he went back Aussie liao) LOL

Mins later, Clem came and he was even shocked to see us.
Should have recorded his reaction, tooo late! He was really, really shocked!
Joined the service till around 11am, then we waited for the parents to handle children's school a while then we left for lunch. (kinda paiseh coz our plan was to kidnap Clem out, but....haha)

After lunch, we went to his house to chill.
Chat-laze around-talked about upcoming Easter-watch anime-went for dessert.
His house so nice to laze around and chill lor, quite cooling

~us (kit zai, me, Vian, Char)~

Went for dessert late in the afternoon and he drove us!
That's where our chance are (to treat him for his bday)
Ordered shaved ice and wedges, all for him, LOL

~the birthday boy~

Shaved ice with peppero sticks as candles.
After dessert, we went back for dinner, coz Kwan mama told us to have dinner at home.
Always well fed by the Kwans, aunty always feed us with so much food!
Really feel so warm with their hospitality.
Learnt one Hakka dish from aunty, LOL, still remembered the last time I learnt the old cucumber soup.
Aunty also asked us to stay over for the night, but the next day we already had an appointment to bring a Korean girl out.huhu
So we left Seremban around 9.30pm and reached UT around 11pm.

~durians from SS2~

On Monday, we brought a korean girl (Jaeah), an IFES member from Seoul Uni to eat at Foodlover and durian after that.
Was feeling so stuffed, felt like the whole weekend, my tummy is filled with food (ahhh fats!)
There after, we had durians coz she never tried one before.
Felt kinda cheated coz it was SOOO EXPENSIVE! 
haish, nvm next time we know dy.

But, it's okay, we still had a great time of fellowship, getting to know her and what they usually do in their CF.
All that sums up my public holidays and weekends =)

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Work Part 1

So how was 2nd week of work?
It was okay, challenging, and lotsa exciting stuffs that I've gone through.

Had a 3 hour long meeting on Tuesday with few other lecturers about their research. My SV was kinda interested so she asked me to join along. For the whole 3 hours there, I was kinda blur with the meeting (coz it involves lotsa numbers and weird stuffs). Well, me and numbers or graphs, etc, please We had pizza for lunch, mandarin oranges and also peanuts (like mini CNY celeb dy)
Basically, half a day was gone with de meeting *mindblown*

The next following days was okay, me working on my proposal, and SV checking and giving more ideas.
So much things to learn (i feel not that knowledgeable, but oh well, we can never stop learning right?)
My SV will always tell me, ask me any questions, anytime if you don't understand. 
But I'm that kind of person who doesn't know what to ask.LOLLLL.

Thursday, I showed her the way to IPS coz next week she have to attend the SPSS workshop.
While walking and all, she shared about her faith and all and provides me with lotsa advice.
She said when you go out to work, don't see the monetary value, but go out to gain experience, and said "Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you"
Yeap, time and time again I've always reminded myself not to store treasure on earth, but to store up treasures in Heaven and to look not on earthly things.

She said if my previous SV was still here, she wouldn't have a chance to meet me. She strongly encourages me to continue my PhD abroad in future after working and gaining 3-4 years of experience. She even told me, who knows you'll be under me again.

I'm always very blessed and thankful to God that I've met Dr HJ. She gives me great advice and is always willing to teach me (even tho I always feel that I'm so She said, put your trust in Him, you never know His plans, coz He has great plans for your life. 

God has placed me there for a reason. It's just the 2nd week of working life, more to come =)

Here's a throwback of what I did last weekend:

 ~dessert crave, so we had Bingsu from Caffe Bene~

~Naom's and me after church in Komugi Cafe~

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My RA work

So how has it been?
Started my work on Monday. Got my own lil corner in the room.hehe

~my lil corner~

SV and me discussed about the working time and other stuffs. 
And she told me everyday lunch and tea time will be on her.
*omo* i was so paiseh, I told her I'll bring food from home, no worries, but she told me, it's okay, you don't need to bring from home, I will treat you everyday.

Time flies.... it's been 4 days already.
My SV is really a very good and caring person.
I am so well fed and well taken care of, I really wanna thank God for everything, seriously.
I am really really blessed.
This few days, we got to know each other more, at times, sharing about faith, etc.huhu
I think I am still kinda introvert, lol coz I am still new, and for me, like a student and lecturer have boundaries, but lol for my SV, she shares a lot of things with me.
And oh! she loves walking, and very environmental friendly.
We walked to and fro from Edu to IPS *pants*

Whenever she has meeting, after that, she will bring food for me, she will tell me that this is very nice and I thought of you. Ngawww.....

Today, met with some other lecturers, and they talked a lot of stuffs, for me I am slowly gaining experience and knowledge from all these experts. Sometimes ah, when they talked certain terms, I felt so noob.LOL...
I've heard of it and I've learnt it before, but yea....semua sudah ke laut.seiii lorrr
It's also an opportunity to build connections and network with others.

Few lecturers know me and I've taken some of their subjs before, haha then they told my SV, 'wahhh, you chose the right candidate", "Oh, Grace, ya ya I know her, etc etc"
WOW.this is somehow scary also.LOL

I am looking forward for more exciting stuffs to come, more new knowledge and experience.
Very gan xie zhu for providing me with this RA work and also a SV who is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with me. I am really really really well taken care of *fat dy, CNY coming also.haha plan to lose weight but I've been well fed*LOL

God provides at the right timing.
From the time I was SV-less for so many weeks almost 3 months, but now...
I have someone who treats me like her own daughter.
I am sure He is still planning great and interesting stuffs for me.

It was also a great walking journey this few days coz there are stuffs that needs to be done.
Even walking as far as from the KWSP building to UM *what a great exercise*

Jio-ed the working peeps to my house for dinner

~working peeps~

We had a great time of fellowship and jam session at my cozy place.

 ~jam sess~

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FES Family Day

Last Sunday, we went for FES Family Day and Commissionning.
Few of us from UM went (me, Vivian, Naomi, Soon Sin, Tim, Boon Hoe, Jack, Chalystha, Charissa)

~at the registration counter~

~the UM peeps~

And Alquin's pic was featured at the board.
*future FES staff?* hehe

Started with tea time, worship then the commissioning.

 ~the history of FES~

 ~David as the new General Secretary~

~FES staffs~

As for me, i got to know many FES staffs, huhu coz i dont know most of them.
"Kidnapped" Jay Yang during the tea time and carried him everywhere, he is soooooo cutee!!! and so guaiiii...
Ngaw! I want my own kid too.LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2016

RA Work

I'll be starting my RA work (Research Assistant) work next Monday.
Looking forward to it but at the same time I'm kinda nervous.
Nervous that I can't perform well in work. 

So thankful and blessed to get this job.
Something that I was looking for since previous sems, to get more experience and earn something.
God really provides.
When the other lecturers turned me down in search for a supervisor, there was this particular lecturer who is willing to take me in.

And from there we get to know more about each other, and she was also looking for an RA, and she told me the first person I thought of was you.
At that moment, I told her, I was actually looking for an RA job as well. 
So she told me what is her interest and told me the procedure to apply for this position.
I can't thank God enough for all these.

So, next Monday is the day!
Got 2 journals to read, and one meeting coming up soon (weehuuu working life!) 
But....haha still haven't finish reading, it's been a long week, exploring new places, fellowshipping with people. and there's guest this weekend. Hoped to finish reading soon.pheww.haha

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Visit to Aquaria KLCC

Went to KLCC on Tuesday with Oli, coz i wanted to go Kinokuniya to use up my book voucher.
But we went to somewhere else instead, exploring places.
Yea, we went to Aquaria KLCC, my first time, and we got student price, so let's go!
We were like a tourist, LOL

Let the exploration begins!
 ~some corals? looks like bacteria to me~


The octopus was supppper huge!
haha what if someone breaks the glass? 



The otters were so cute!!
I was waiting for them to wake up so that I could capture a good pic of them, but they were soo lazy
Those otters were so fluuuufffyyy, i wanna carry one back!!

~some kind of fish~


Looks small but dangerous


Saw a few sharks in the huge aquarium.

I touched the starfish,it's kinda soft and err got that geli feeling.LOL


Yes, this is PIRANHA!!!
the whole aquarium was filled with lotsa piranhas. yerrr

All of these are God's wonderful creation, I am so amazed to see various kinds of fishes.

Spent almost 3 hours there, then we headed to Pavilion (it was also random) and it was my first time.
We used the covered walkway, 1.2/1.3km from KLCC to Pavilion.
Had our lunch there in Pavilion, cuci mata, coz the things there are kinda expensive and the place is too big.haha

~selfie in front of Pavilion~

After Pavilion, we walked to Sg Wang plaza, passed by Farenheit & Lot 10.
What a long journey.LOL, burning fats.

Was at Sg Wang, and i heard lion dance,so we stopped and watched.
There were few actors and actress there, and I spotted someone in RED!
SOOOOOO many people were downstairs, i kinda lazy to go tru the crowd and we were also kinda rushing for time,lol
so near yet so far, *now i regret for not taking pic with him*

aaahhhh, Adrian is sooo cute!
Me and another friend of mine is his biggest fan lor.haha

 ~this is him!~

Hoped to meet him again lah next time and take pic (A MUST!)LOL

What a long day for both of us, reached back home around 8pm.
And I'm glad i got this new phone coz the camera was really nice and clear.