Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet up

Yeap, we had a meet up again, err after some time.LOL
Planned a meetup for peeps who are still around KL/PJ (it started with 5 people and then it ended up with 15 people) HAHA

Jack was the one who jio-ed all of us, and we planned a birthday surprise for him.
Quite a hectic week, but everything managed to be done on time. 

~Surprise, Jack!!~

And I do miss my havoc peeps/working peeps.
Jio-ed them for homecooked dinner the next day after the pizza surprise.haha

~my lovelies~

Nice catching up with them after a long time.
Gonna miss em for 2 weeks as I'll be away for some exchange programme.

 ~O-Matcha Tsujiri~

And finally went to Tsujiri to try their green tea stuffs.
Not bad, haha to me, everything also nice.

Monday, July 11, 2016


~Hello Kitchen at S17~

The best part was this place is it is owned by Chef Shearson Lian! and his partner.
He's the chef from 5 Rencah 5 Rasa that I used to follow. 

~tour to Petrosains~

Yeap, went to Petrosains with these 2 Science geeks.
And we were there for 7 long hours. HAHA
Never in my life I spent so long in Petrosains.

~Finding Dory~

Watched Finding Dory and it was good!
Managed to kidnap Kit Zai before he goes back and rot.
So hard to persuade him to stay coz he keeps saying he wants to go back.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

C and Baby D

YES!! Finally get to meet C and Baby D again after so long!
We had KL/PJ TCF Prayer Meeting yesterday which was held in DUMC.

 ~5 months old Baby D~

Misssssin her so much lor, she is now 5 months. Time flies
Carried her the first time when she was a month old.

 ~us during the prayer meeting~

Most of the teachers couldn't join coz they had activities in school.
Managed to ask Bryan to come along, good opportunity for him to know more people as well in the education field.

~with C and Baby D~

Oh well, I can't wait to have my own kids.
Yes, parenting is not easy but the joy you have when you're with them....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birthday 2016

I want to thank each and every one of you who celebrated my birthday.
Who was involved in the surprise and planning, I was really surprised!
You guys really brought joy to my life.

 ~birthday celeb from CM~

Went back hometown for a few days since my SV was not in for 3 weeks.
Missin ma home, ma bed and ma parents =D
But because I had to settle lotsa stuffs for the summer program to Korea, i came back PJ on my birthday itself (so sad)

During the evening, there was a huge surprise from all these peeps.

~pizza party~

~thank you everyone. Love u all!!~

My housemates were the one planning it, both MJ and Oli was up to something which I really didn't know and I was kinda blur when they all came.LOL
Appreciate all of you so much.
My SV and husband sent their birthday wish all the way from Denmark (they were having conference)

~Ade treated me dinner at Two Sons Bistro in Publika~

~thank you for all the gifts~

Really blessed, grateful, thankful for every single person in my life.

Monday, June 6, 2016

CG dinner 2016

We had our CG dinner this year at the same place like last year (Nando's).
This time round we combined with Teknon CG (Enbina CG).

 ~here's a mixture of both Elphis and Enbina CG~

 ~good time of fellowship~

And they did birthday surprise for me...LOL
I told Naomi, don't plan any surprise for me ah. We just celeb as housemates cukup.
This happens.hahaha.
Thank you so much everyone for all the surprise. Appreciate it loads =D

 ~they sang Happy Birthday so many times~

 ~Group picture~

 ~funny shot~

~those who won't be here for the next semester~

Graduating peeps and students exchange peeps.
Edmond will be leaving for Germany to further his studies
Mabel, YH and Clem will be graduating
Naomi and Alquin will be away for students exchange for 1 semester.
Gonna miss all of them.

Twas a good night of catchup and fellowship with one another =D

Friday, June 3, 2016


So much had happened for the past few weeks. Really missed having lunch with everyone.
When i have any free time, i'll join them all for lunch and fellowship with them, we will always talk a lot during these makan hours.LOL

 ~kumpulan ayam lunch~

With 2 sesat kids (Clem and Vian) haha.
Good to see them.

 ~Dinner at Streat Thai~

Not bad the food. Quite nice, but authentic Thai taste or not not sure.haha

 ~dessert time~

This was after CG, where Naoms craved for sweet stuffs, so we went to Strangers at 47 where they have really good crepes and cakes.

~random lunch meetup~

My SV was having a workshop so I jioed them for lunch.
Edmond just finished his IELTS exam that time so he was in time for lunch with us. 
Really good to spend time with everyone although it was short =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Teacher's Day Celebration

Last Saturday, we had Klang Valley Christian Teacher's Day celebration in St Paul's PJ.
This year, I invited Kim, Naoms, Cherie and Alquin. Last year was only Andrew and me. The celebration this year was so packed like last 2 years.
For the first time, we have a forum like discussion. Previous years, we had speakers to give a speech related to teachers/educators.
The panels were Uncle Cheli, Ms Sophia and Mdm Lee Wah, the theme was "Mission through education in the context of Malaysia today"

It really inspires me and also and eye opener for me to see and know more about the education in Malaysia, whether in the government or private sector.
No matter where God has placed you, no matter which school, colleges or universities God has placed you in the future, be the salt and light there.

I don't know where I will be after completing my Masters, but wherever He opens door for me, I will obey His will. It may not be easy, it may be challenging, but I believe that through Him all things are possible.

So great to get to know many experienced teachers....still remember the first time I joined last year, LOL, so shy!
Then people will come and ask me so you are Mr Y... daughter right? I was like errrr....yea
People knows my dad.LOL (famous ohh)

Neways, this year, I've been dragged into few activities by TCF--->blame Andrea jie.LOL

~us, future educators~

I pray that God will continue to use us in the education field.
I pray that we will follow His way and rely on Him and not on our own way.

~young ones from KL/PJ~

This was last year's. Gosh! Time flies. and see Andrea jie's hair.HAHA