Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Party 2016

It's time of the year again. CHRISTMAS!!!
So, we had our Christmas Party yesterday and for the first time I became the audience.hehe
Started off with dinner, video presentation, short drama, carolling, short message and photo taking time!

~Puteri Joyce and Kit Zai is back!~ 

 ~Joel (back), Joseph, me, Naoms, Ivan, Darryn~

~with Jack~

~with Christy~ 

~with Jo kor yang sentiasa perasan.~ 

 ~with Nicole who came all the way from UKM~

~with Sung Hyun. Annyeonghaseyo!!~ 

~with Yuen, first year TESL~ 

~with Naoms, finally back for good!~ 

~with my son, Chai~

~with Puteri Joyce~ 

 ~with Vian jie~
 ~with GCB~

~with Laura~

~when everyone wanna photoboom.LOL~


And last but not least, my Elphis CG family.
Mandatory family picture.hehe 

~OHANA, my family in Christ~

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Convo Dinner 2016

Haven't been blogging for so long.huhu
So caught up with research and thesis writing *can't wait to finish!

We had our Convo Dinner 20th October 2016. As usual, we gathered together, eat and eat and eat, some testimony sharing, performances and havoc session!

~all made by Swe Jyan's mum~

Everything was so delicious!
Thank you Aunty!! 

~with some of the graduated people~ 

~testimony sharing by Isabel~ 

~photo booth~ 

~all of us who came~ 


As usual, our yearly TESLians picture.haha
Coz we are awesome! =D

Monday, October 31, 2016

Convo 2016

Time of the year again, Convocation 2016!
This year, most of the close friends I have in PKV graduated T_T, but I'm happy for them after few years of sweat and tears.
*can't wait for my turn*

 This year, I went to support le Postgrad CG peeps who graduated.

~thanks for temaning me~

 ~Congrats Teck Sen, Chidi and Lee Ming~

~lambung peeps (Mok, Oli, me, Joseph, Bryan, Sandy)~

 ~with Sandy~

So blessed to have you as a friend, missing those times we spent in hostel.

 ~With Bel~

An artsy farsty girl, fashionista,and loves cute stuffs. haha
Thanks for being such a crazeh friend to me, gonna miss those weird moments with you XD

~With Kit zai~

Thanks for being such an encouragement to all of us in PKV. You've been a great listener to most of our problems. Gonna miss you wei, stop planting mushrooms at home, go get a job.haha 

~With Ervinna~

So glad you finally completed your Masters. I know it has been such a challenging time for you, 4 long years, but you've survived
Now, I'm experiencing it, it is really tough and I know how you feel T_T

~with Jennice~

The texas chicken queen that never fails to make us laugh.
Blessed to have you as my close friend. 
#kumpulanayam reunited! 

~With Eric~

Boss! Talented guy in the music industry.
May God continue to use you in the music industry and to serve Him with the talents you have. 

~With Werny~

Yo! Thanks for faithfully fetching us kids to PKV and also supper, lepak, etc haha
Gonna miss all the times we used to havoc in Wahid's.

All the best to everyone of you!
May God continue to bless you in your new journey.
Gonna miss you guys. Do keep in touch =D

Monday, September 26, 2016

Missing Korea

Almost 2 months since we left Korea.
Oh well, still kinda cannot move on.LOL
Missing Korea so much! Scrolling through those pictures on FB and even in my lappy, ah how I've missed those times we were there.
Wonder how are they doing there in Korea? =)

Anyways, throwback to some of the pictures I got from my friend. 

Missing Jeonju, Missing CBNU, Missing Hanok Village, Philbong Mountains, Dueok Village, Seoul, Everland, etc.
I'm so gonna go Korea again next time, with friends maybe? haha 
Hope my parents will let me fly with my friends, not easy for them to let me go on a holidays overseas.

난 한국이 너무 그리워 (I miss Korea so much!)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence Day)

On 31st August, it was Malaysia's Independence Day (Merdeka).
Didn't go to the malls or anywhere, just sat and chill at home, coz we know that the malls are packed with people since it was a public holiday.
The night before, we went to Dataran Merdeka since Yvonne's brother has never been to Dataran Merdeka.
Manage to get a spot for parking, and we walked to Dataran Merdeka.
There were so many people (like thousands of people), we saw fireworks on the way to Dataran Merdeka!

~Selamat Hari Merdeka!!~

We just stroll along the streets at Dataran Merdeka till 1am+ and we headed back.

Last few days, we went to Ikea and Curve to celebrate Char's birthday, also just a time to catch up with one another.

~with Titus, Tim, Char, Vian and me~

It's been a year plus since I've stepped into IKEA.So long ago!
We had a great time over dinner and dessert where we had the new Hershey's MCD ice cream.
Walked around in the mall and then we sat down in IKEA cafe to chat.
Twas a wonderful fellowship =)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SSMC Youth Night 2016

Last Saturday, we (me, Christine, Hui Shan, Char, Vian, Li Wen, Andrew) went to a youth production by SSMC (Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church).


God puts the OK in broken.
The production is about many current issues faced by youth nowadays such as abuse, being neglected by parents, peer pressure, etc.

~before entering the hall~ 

Twas a great production.
Thumbs up to everyone who was involved in the production! =D

 ~a picture with the Music Director, Kim (left)~

When PKV-ians meet, we havoc.LOL

 ~working peeps~

~all of us~

So good to see em again.
2 more weeks and it's the start of new sem again.
And juniors will be coming in, oh my! so fast!

Night well spent with these peeps, we went for supper at Murni's and after that they stayed at my house and havoc round 2.hehe