Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trip to Aussie (Dec 2013) Part 4

 The story continues....

-Tim Tam-

Yes!my favourite biscuit, and it is really cheap.
My cuzzie and I bought soooo many of these and other Australian chocolates, sweets and snacks to be brought back to M'sia.
I also bought a few keychains to be given to my friends.

 -my nieces and that ice cream is very tasty-

Each and every portion of food in Aussie is really big.
Every time when I couldn't finish, I would pass to my cuzzie. 

Went to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm to pick strawberries.

 -so many red ones-

 -sweet leh-

This is my first time picking strawberries.haha
Never been to Camerons before lor till this year (Mar 2015)
The strawberries here are very sweet, unlike the one I ate back in M'sia.huhu

Mount Dandenong

 -the view of town from Mount Dandenong-

went to Mount Dandenong with my aunt and cuzzie.
Weather was a lil sunny but windy.
The flowers there are very nice like morning glory, sunflowers, etc.
And oh! there's a possum house ( possum is like a big

 -used this shades whenever I'm walking under the sun-

The State Library

 We sat and slept on the grass coz it was clean.
Many people were there lying down reading books.

Sea Cruise

 -enjoying the view outside the cruise-

My cousin brought me for this cruise and after that to Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium.
It was my first time taking the tram and train in Aussie.

Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium


Got the chance to touch it too.
Kinda soft.huhu


Took this pic from the aquarium, there were so many jellyfish in the aquarium.huhu


You can see stingray's swimming above you and they are so huge.



This time we managed to see those penguins in the aquarium.

 -oh boy! you are so cute-

My trip to Melbourne ended after 10 days.
So sad!
I like Melbs, the weather, the life there and more.
Thanks to my aunt who paid for my whole trip.
If I have another chance to go there, I would definitely visit Melbs again.

 -food in MAS-

The food served in MAS was good, they have main meals as well as snacks.
Very filling.

-bought these for my mum-

Monday, August 31, 2015

Trip to Aussie (Dec 2013) Part 3

 Went to the market again, this time at a different market
Can't remember the name tho.huhu


Heaven on earth... cherries tastes so good!


The macaroons here in Aussie kinda big.

Visited Panny's Chocolate Factory at Philips Island.
Philips Island is really cold, it is situated near the Southern Coast of Melbourne.

 -everything is made from chocolate-

They've chocolate fountain as well.huhu
My cuzzie and I played the games in there to get free chocolates. =D

After visiting the chocolate factory, we stroll along the island.

 -beautiful view of the island-

 -le cuzzie-

 -enjoying the cold breeze-

 -the sand is so soft!-

Was forced by le cuzzie to take off the shoes and stepped on the sand and the water.
SUPER FREEEEZING! haha you call that summer season. nehh

After strolling along the island, we headed to see the penguins. Philips Island is famous with penguins.
They have certain times where you have to wait for the penguins to come out.
We had our dinner nearby penguin world, and I realised one thing... Ang Moh's don't use chilli sauce as dipping sauce..haha, my cuzzie and I were so not used to it when we go out and eat, and we had to hunt for chilli sauce in the supermarket.

 We waited for around 1 1/2 hours before all the penguins came out.
There were so many people and it was extra extra extra extra cold, till both of us were like southpark.LOL
Could not snap any pics of the penguin coz cameras were not allowed as it will scare the penguins off.
The moment the penguins came out from the water, everyone was super excited.
The penguins were soooo CUTE! the way the walk and all, and they come near you but you couldn't touched it. 
Both of us semangat trying and hoping that we could touch one if they walked nearby us, but neh.haha

 -the city of Melbs-

-enjoying the view-

As usual, at night we would just walk around town, from Swenson Street to Flinders Street even to ChinaTown!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trip to Aussie (Dec 2013) Part 2

 For the rest of the days....

Visited Healesville Sanctuary where I get to see koalas, kangaroos and other animals that cannot be found back in M'sia.haha

The road to Healesville macam ular kena palu.whoaaa...
brought our own homemade oat bar for breakfast.

Only me and my cuzzie went it, my aunty waited outside.
bought the tix for half price, haha, for kids 15 years old and below. Super worth it lor.


Yes! It's real!
I get to touch the kangaroo and also fed it.
But the poo's
We are only allowed to touch the female ones, coz the male ones are very aggressive. 

-hiding part of my hand coz got food-

Yes, when they see your hands filled with food, they'll gobble up immediately.
Took few selfies with the kangaroo.heee
That jacket I'm wearing, i still don't feel hot. It's just cold.COLD.
My aunty told me don't need to bring many thick clothes since it's summer, manatau summer also soo cold. At night, the temperature is around 5-9 degrees weyh.

 -koala and its baby-


Get to see koalas too but didn't get to carry them. So sad. You have to pay more if you wanna carry it.
My cousin was like "these koalas are deaf eh, call them also no response.haha" 
We get to see them eat those eucalyptus leaves and carry their babies up the tree.


This bird super emo.haha


Smaller version of the kangaroos.
We fed them with carrot, corns and peas.
And their eye lashes, whoa so cantik! 

Got the chance to see platypus, echidna, other bird species, other animal species and more.

At night, we would go out to Melbourne town.
Stroll along the road, looking at the Chritsmasey decos.
So nice.

 -Santa's Workshop deco in town-

They have some musical thingy also every night.
Oh well, Christmas is celebrated widely here.

Christmas deco at MYERS.
According to my aunt, they have different themes displayed at their windows.
It's kinda a 5 scene story at their windows.

-Gingerbread and Friends-

-one of the story-

It was just so nice to walk around in town at night.
No need to scared of snatch theft and all.
Lotsa people busked along the road and passers-by will give them money. 

To be continued...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trip to Aussie (Dec 2013) Part 1

Major throwback, trip to Aussie on Dec 2013 for 10 days. Supposed to be there for 3 weeks but le cuzzie had something on.
Realized that I had forgotten to post about this trip.

My first ever trip overseas--to Melbourne and also first time on a plane.
Checked in my luggage 1 hour before, checked into the departure hall 20 mins before, sempat buy Starbucks lagi.haha, coz my cuzzie said, don't worry la, we will reach the hall on time.

-the view from my seat-

 -God's wonderful creation-

It was a 7 1/2 hours flight from KLIA to Melbourne. Didn't really slept throughout the journey, well, first time in plane ma, so enjoy the view outside, although it's just clouds. 
Watched few movies, played the games, etc

Reached Melbs Airport around 730am and the sun was shining so brightly like 10am in Malaysia,it's 3 hours difference between Malaysia and Aussie. My aunty came to pick us up.
The moment I stepped out of the airport....brrrrrrr, it was freeeezing cold. I looked at my cousin, you call this summerrr??  haha

Yea it was summer at that time, but em for me it's winter, 19 degrees, with super cooooll air.

-Queen Victoria's Market-

First destination, my aunty brought us to one of the biggest market in Melbs. 
And oh wow! fruits and veggies are so fresh! and the poultry market is so clean and most importantly no smell..unlike here.huhu

Le aunty bought groceries for the week. And I got to choose what I liked..ngeh ngeh
Apa lagi? Chose the fruits like peach, cherries, etc that I seldom eat back in Malaysia. Price also not bad, yeala coz it's memang from there.


-super big mushroom-

-the houses along the road-

While otw back to my aunty's house, me and my cuzzie slept like a pig in the
I dunno, but I was suddenly so tired.

-home cooked dinner, fresh salad with garlic dressing, and salmon fish-

To be continued....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Semester Break

Time flies....
It's sem break again, and it's for 2 months!
As usual, I'll be working during sem break, haha so no sem break for me.=D
Worked in the same place as before, in J-Kids (Fungates)
This time, I'm in charge of the whole class coz one of the teacher had left.

I missed those kids so much. 
It's been 5 months since I last met them, they've grown so much! So proud of em
The moment the kids saw me, they'll shout my name as loud as they could.LOL, and they'll come hugging me. Ngawww, teacher misssss you all so much.

~this is my son.hehe~

~My cute daughter~

Love all of em so much.
Cant wait to have my own kids in future, see them grow, send them to school, to uni, etc.=)

Monday, July 6, 2015


Jyeah, that's the theme for our church camp this year.

Involved in the committee for this year's camp
First time getting involved in Programme and Registration team (assigning people to their rooms and all), it's not an easy task tho.huhu

~the tag, credits to Elaine for designing~

We had our camp at Camerons this year, and it's my Second time to Camerons!! (first time was in March to check out the camp site)
Tried the Scones at Lord's Cafe---nicee lorrr
And i love the weather there!
Waking up to the wonderful cold natural air in the morning,aaahh, so xing fu =D

~the venue: Nova Hotel~

~the camp committee~

It was fun to be in the committee, especially when it comes to games.haha coz we won't be playing.
We were the gamemasters for each and every teams (9 teams altogether).
Thumbs up to the games committee, super mind boggling games. I also needa crack my brain to figure out how to play it.LOL

The speaker was Rev Koe from Penang.
Great message and I was truly blessed by all the sessions. 


Not that sweet tho.
Still prefer the ones from Melbourne.heee

~BOH tea plantation~

Before leaving, we stopped by the tea plantation.
Whoaa... going up to the tea valley was super steep, if i drive manual car, hahah turun bukit liao.
My friend bought the most expensive tea "Teh Ghunung Chantik" which cost RM17.
Lol, to me, the tea biasa biasa ny, like normal tea.hehe

Around 4pm, we head back to Subang, reached Subang around 7pm, and parents picked me up from there and headed back to Muar.
What a long journey back, but I really enjoyed the camp and imma missing the weather there.

*waiting for the rest of the pics from the photographers*