Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ipoh Roadtrip

Jyeah, my first time to Ipoh! Thanks to Adib and Sarah for bringing me to this fun and exciting road trip.

Started our journey at 5am on a Wednesday (Deepavali holiday), reached Ipoh around 730am.
We went to New Hollywood for breakfast. Ordered variety of food, chee cheong fun, roti goyang (my first time trying it), and char kuey teow. 

~delicious food~

After that, we went to Taiping Zoo. Since it was a public holiday, there were lots of people haha

 ~we-fie with the elephants~

We spent almost 2 hours in the zoo. Hmm, the zoo was not really well maintained, haha most of the animals are kinda hiding in their own "cave" LOLZ
We stopped by Marrybrown to have some snacks then we headed to Istana Kenangan in Kuala Kangsar. 

~at Istana Kenangan~

Didn't get to enter as it was under renovation. So, many people came to take pictures from outside huhu.

~Ipoh chicken rice~

I've also tried Mee Kicap, Ipoh Chicken rice and Ipoh White coffee. Not bad, quite delicious.
The 3 of us really ate non stop hahah.

Our next stop was Concubine Lane.

~posing sikit~

~old buildings~

 ~beautiful background~

We just strolled along Concubine Lane, taking pictures and observing the different buildings around it.

We wanted to go Kellie's Castle but it was kinda far and was getting darker, so we decided to stop by a mall to chill.

~Korean mart~

Stopped by Ipoh Parade, and there was a Korean mart! Bought a cup of tteokboki, just to try (very spicy, but it was good). We then chilled at Starbucks before heading home.
Twas a good and fruitful roadtrip with le friends, really had a good time catching up with them after a long long time. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Boy Meets Girl

Borrowed this book from one of my housemates, where she borrowed from the church library.
It was a good book! It teaches us how to honour God and learning to trust God in a relationship/courtship.

This book is filled with stories of people who are choosing to honour God in the real-life details of their love lives. It talks about the basic principles of courtship and see how God works in many ways in a relationship. It really brought great impact to my life reading this book.

Many times, people just wanna jump into a relationship without asking God to guide/lead us. We tend to follow our own heart's desire instead of God's. Yes, at times I'm also in that situation, but i've learnt to trust in God and to be patient, because He knows the best ONE and the best time for me.

This book also talks about practical issues of what to do as the season of courtship unfolds, in which we learn how to grow closer with one another but still guard our hearts. At times, yes, we may want to go more than that, more than a friendship, more than a romance, but No that is not what God wants. He wants us to guard our heart and not to fall into sinful lust.

This book also reminded me that God's grace is our ultimate source of confidence for joining our hearts and lives in the vows of marriage. That is why I am very careful to getting into a relationship, and especially to get into a relationship with an unbeliever of Christ, it will be a tough journey as we share different views and thinking. As the Bible states:

"Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14"

So, a reminder to myself to seek God for His wisdom and to follow His ways and not my ways. 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways", declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9"

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Yes work?

Took up the offer to teach Geography at an International school as the syllabus they used was Cambridge English. It's been few months there?
Well, teaching Geography was kinda fun and straightforward compared to English HAHAHA.

The working environment in the school is not so conducive. Quite a lot of issues going on there. Yes it may be challenging, but I thanked God for opening my eyes to many things (people who are genuine, who care about you and people who wear "masks", act well in front of you but at the back, they'll be a different person). I don't plan to work there long, this time I'll not rush in taking up any jobs. Oh well, it was kinda a rush taking up this position also huhu

I miss working in TJC! 
I miss the people and the working environment there and of course my cute lil kids!

~Last day of work in TJC~

Bryan left for Japan already!
He will be there for a year T_T.
Before he left, a few of us met for the last time, 1 year is long haha

~grateful for them~

We had lunch and matcha for dessert and a great time of fellowship with one another.
It was also a good "outing" for me too, coz ever since i started work in that school, I had no time for other things T_T

Take care zai! See you a year later =D

Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's been a year!

Yes, it's been a year since I went to Korea! Missing Korea weyh. (i'm gonna go there again!!)
2 weeks there was really fast. Wished if I can stay there for few months? haha

Anyways, few things had happened for the past few weeks.
Submitted my thesis for exam (yeay) but my convo will be next year (sad right?)
Who takes freakin' 2 months just to read and approve a title (that is why i need to wait for another year to convo, sigh)

On a happier side, managed to meet up with Vivian for few hours (coz she transits in KL before going to Korea)

~us at Mamak restaurant~

Twas a great catch up, it's been 5 months (macam 1 year). Glad she's enjoying her life in Aussie.

~with Huong and her friends~

Met up with Huong as well (we met when we were in Korea). Had a good time with her just jalan jalan in the malls.LOL 

~helped out in a conference~

Yeap, helped out with a conference. I'm not the presenter, just the penjaga.LOLL
And my new SV (dressed in pink), Dr Grace. She's such a friendly person! 

~with the props team~

And oh yeah, working part time in TJC while waiting for a permanent job. I thanked God for this job although it's just a temporary one. I believe God has something great in store for me. 
In the midst of waiting for a permanent one, He wants me to be patient (yes, I know I can't wait for one, but I should put my trust in Him)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Goodbye Sung Hyun!

Time flies~
One of my Korean exchange friend to UM is now back in Korea. 
Sent him to the airport with Bryan, Eric and Laura. It was an emotional time for us, he had been a very close friend to us. And we'll definitely be missing him. Yes, people come and go, but memories remain.

Before sending him off to the boarding gate, we had our last dinner with Sung Hyun.

~dessert at MCD~

~our last we-fie together~

 ~one last pic before he left~

All the best in your future undertakings and do keep in touch Sung Hyun! =)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Final Year Party

Final Year Party of FYP, we have it every sem for graduating seniors.
This time, it was my turn! (finally, I'm graduating, after so long)
The theme for this semester was Grammy Awards, so we were asked to dressed according to the theme. huhu

As usual, we have performances from both seniors and juniors, testimony sharing and after that Makan! ahha

~performances from the juniors~ 

~performances from the seniors~ 

~all of us~ 

 ~graduating seniors~

~with Ric and Sung Hyun~

~omo, he will be flying back to Korea already =(~ 

~with my Li Wen jie~ 

~with Hoey Yu~ 

~was asked to share my testimony~ 

~with bro Ric~

~compulsory picture, with Elphis CG~ 

~with Laura jie~ 

~with Jo Kor, Naomi and Bryan zai~ 

~with Pastor Sii~

Above all, Soli deo Gloria.
Thank God for everything that He had blessed me with.
Hope to graduate in October! (hope that they will process everything and approve everything soon!)

Friday, June 9, 2017

First experience in a Private School

Like what i've mentioned before, I worked in a private school for 2 months (supposedly 3 months but I needed to complete my final stage of thesis writing and presentation).
Actually, I went for an interview for a secondary school teacher post (had to do mock teaching in front of the principal and a ketua bidang *gulp*) and I kinda did it badly.
I thought i did not get the job coz they took quite late to reply, but few days later, the HR team called me and asked if I want to worked in the primary school instead coz they needed teacher immediately. I said YES! 

Went to school the next day to meet the principal and discussed about what I need to do and etc. Started work one week later. forward..
End of April was my last day of work.
Well, first 2 weeks in school was a bit crazy huhu coz getting used to many things, I had to teach English for 2 Primary 5 classes and Music to Primary 1 to 6 students. It was quite challenging because I had to teach them recorder (learnt it during my primary school days but don't really remember). Every week I had to think of new songs and how to make the class fun.huhu
Finally, it came to an end, and oh well, it was not so bad after all.

It was Sports Day which was also my last day. Early in the morning when I came to school, the kids flocked me with gifts and they hugged me and begged me not to go.huhu (kids, when you're older, you will know why I have to leave). 

 ~mixture of 5 Orchid and 5 Lily English and Music class~

~picture collage by them~ 

~the kids did this~

 ~the Music class~

~with my 1 Lily kids, Jaron is so cute!~ 

~5 Lily class~ 

~with 5 Orchid class~ 

~during Sports day~ 

~thank you for all the love and messages (idk how to rotate the picture)

Working in a private school isn't that bad after all. One thing I liked is the class size was between 20-25 students unlike public schools, and no paper work in the school.wohoo
But oh well, there's pros and cons working in both sectors. 
Anyways, I had a great experience teaching them, and I think I would wanna teach primary school in future instead of secondary school.huhu
Teacher loves all of you =D