Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Silence of the Drums play

The play is over, but I'm sure everyone is missin the times that we had together.. the place as well as the practices. Oh well, I'm still having PEDS (Post Easter Drama Syndrom)..LOL.
The lines, the songs, the scence, everything, will just appear anytime and I even tend to hum the song when I'm doing my work.

But first of all, all glory is given unto God! Without Him, this play would not be that successful. God is in control of everything and He has great plans for all of us. Despite the many challenges that we had during the practices, but all of us chose to believe that God is there for us. Indeed, He was there with us every single time. Thank you to everyone who came to watch this play, the hall was packed with people. 

It was a great privilege for me to join this play. I really had great fellowship and I even had a great time with everyone. I was touched by the whole story, and I teared even on the real day. I guess the full video should be up in Youtube anytime, if you have missed the play, go check it out in Youtube, will let you guys know when itz out. It's really an amazing story, about a man who demonstrates His love for all of us.

~Ranong (the main cast)~

 ~Lord Lutong and Mugati~

 ~the hut that was done by the props team~

I'm truly amazed by the creativity that the props team had. They were really really creative I tell you. 

~all of us who were involved in this play~

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Silence of the Drums

Entrenched by traditions and prejudice,the Kucha and Ningkan tribes fight over land rights in the Inner Kapit.Yet in the midst of tribal havoc, a forbidden romance between Lisa, the Princess of Kucha and Ranong, the Prince of Ningka blossoms. The drums of conflict is further fuelled by a deceiving Shaman who seeks to downfall of the Kucha tribes and its chieftain. With all this drama,one can only wonder, who will silence the drums?

Happening this 9th & 10th of May 2014
Come and join us! You wont wanna miss it! =)
It's gonna be fun and exciting 
Need transport? Do lemme know.. ^_^

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MSU SRC Session 2014/2015

Whatzupp MSU peeps!

Come and VOTE for GRACE VANI d/o Thiyagarajan for the next SRC MSU Session 2014/2015.

DATE: 18th April 2014
Venue: IT department, Science tower

She is a great leader both in and out of campus.
She is also a very friendly and happy go lucky person.
I'm sure you wont regret voting for her!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Life in UM

Time flies, itz almost 2 months already since I first entered UM. WOW! Things may be challenging for me, but, yea , with God all things are possible, and , I'm starting to love life in UM! =)

Still remember the first time I entered UM, I felt so lonely because I don't know anyone, you know, that lonely feeling... But God has been so good to me, that He provided me with great friends. It was a great opportunity for me to join Persaudaraan Kristian Varsiti Universiti Malaya (PKVUM), a Christian Fellowship in uni.. From there, I was able to connect with Christian friend... I was like " God, thank you, thank you for all the people that you've provided me with". It was my first ever experience joining a CF in uni as I never had one back in my previous uni.. Enjoyed the Bible Study session, enjoyed PKV every Friday and I also enjoyed joining Prayer Meeting with them every Sunday. 

~some of the cool guys in PKV~

 ~that was the longest roti tissue that I've ever seen!~

~supper after Prayer Meeting~

Looking forward to join more activities together with the rest of PKV-ians ^_^

Monday, March 24, 2014


"JADE" an Easter drama brought to you by Harvest Generation Church.
20th April 2014 at 10am,

 ~Harvest Generation Church, Subang Jaya~

Wanna know more about this drama?
COME AND JOIN US! It's gonna be exciting.
Mark this date on your calendar!
For more info, contact Grace 0173359200

Monday, February 17, 2014

New step of life

New step of life.
Am doing Masters in Education in University Malaya.
Thank God for placing me in UM, it has been my dream to study there as well as my parents.
I want to study hard! I want to do my best!
And everything that I do, i pray that it will bring glory to the Lord=)

Got my timetable on the registration day itself..and guess what? de exam dates are out as well
Looks like I need to put in extra effort into i.
It is not the same like degree life anymore..no more tips, no more spoon feeding, no more mem'bodek' the lecturers already.haha
I'm thankful to God that I met a few Christian friends in UM too, had a great fellowship with em.
Will be joining the Christian society soon ^_^

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Am officially a graduate from Bachelor of Education (HONS) TESL.
Had my convocation on 25th January 2014.=)
Gonna miss my uni, my friends and all the fun and laughter I had with em.