Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being Significantly Single

This is a good article for us to ponder about.
It really touched my heart.
I believe He knows who that person is for me.
I will continue to put my trust in Him =)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Runnity UM

We were involved in Runnity UM in conjunction with FESKUM as a volunteer. There were 8 of us from PKV who joined.

~the tag~

~4 of them at Bukit Cinta~

 ~4 of us near Science faculty~
Us and our oversized shirts.
Yea, there were some misunderstanding regarding the sizes of the shirts of their committee, so ended up we were all given L size.
It was supppperrr huge on me.

 ~we gave them drinks and stick labels on them~

Really semangat ah these runners.LOL

We celebrated Tim's bday after the Runnity.
Tim sangat famous, LOL, all the girls liked him coz yea, he is the man of wisdom..=D

~Tim's bday lunch~

Friday, October 10, 2014

Activities in PKV

Week 5 ends just like that *sigh* pleasseee dont fly so fast. Research is killin me softly.OMO.hahah
Ok, here's what we had done in PKV for the past few weeks. 
As usual we will always start with prayer, praise and worship then to the sermons and more =D
And our theme for this year is "Wake up, Reach Out"

Week 2: We had treasure hunt

~praise and worship session~

~treasure hunt~

Week 3: Purpose in UM

Mr Chew spoke about the 5 Bus Stops in our campus life here in UM.
1. Joint the dots
2. Strategic Milestone
3. Back to basics
4. Proposition of PKV
5. Choice

~Mr Chew, he spoke on a very good message to us~

 ~one of the objectives of our theme this year~

Week 4: Wake Up, Reach Out

 ~letz do some action for Praise and Worship~

 ~the speaker, Mr Lian~
*always TRUST in the Lord despite any challenges
*be DEPENDENT on God

Week 5: Bible Exposition on the book of James

~the speaker, Dr Living Lee~
*witnessing never stops, we are all witnesses*
*Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. James 1:22*
He spoke about the whole book of James (the book of practical Christianity), the message was really good. Yea, i need to have more faith in myself and to continue to trust in Him wholeheartedly. I  believe He has a purpose for placing me here in UM, like what Tim told me =D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Upon the cross of Calvary

Liked this song alot. It was sung during PKV Silence of the Drums play. The lyrics and music were composed by Sarah and Samuel from PKV

Verse 1:
Long ago a man from Bethlehem gave his life so I might live
Though him they laughed and scorned and crucified
In His name I chose to believe

It wasn't the nails that held Him there upon the tree of Calvary
It was my sin and His blood for me, 
A love no man can understand

Now I know Gethsemane
Now I know His love for me
Only You can set me free
Upon the cross of Calvary

Verse 2:
By His blood and by His nail scarred hands
I have me a second chance
Though the oceans roar upon the sand
Jesus Christ will be my stand

Take my hand and lead me through the storms
Make me follow You for all my days 
I surrender all I am, O Lord
Make my life be a pleasing sacrifice to You

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Inter CG Captain Ball

It was my FIRST TIME playing Captain Ball!!! HAHA. *im serious, first time*
And , IT WAS FUNNN!!! looking forward for more captain balls in future.
It was really a streesss free day for me. *really let go all my stress*
LOL, but after that, i had a few days of body ache *didnt do such extreme exercise for ages* 

 ~wait, where are the guys?LOL~

 ~the day when you wanna become the goalie, this is what happens~

 ~i'm proud of my team~

 ~oh yea, managed to grab the ball~

 ~David, Mei Fong (back) Raee, me, Naomi (front)~
met Raee like last week! LOL macam dah kenal since many many years ago. Must catch up more with him one day, but he is graduating ady. *sobs*~

 ~Olivia, Fiona, Wern Jun, Tim, me and i lupa her name *gulp* coz she is still new.haha.. Yay! am in Tim's team. *happyy for some reason, grins and smiles*~

~Jennice showing the elegant style of how to catch the ball, Oh, and that'z the new PKV shirt~

Friday, October 3, 2014

Outing togetha! =D

 we PKVians always do random outing together.haha
*how la to diet in UM..LOL*

 ~first time trying boat noodle. hmmm.i x really like it~

~each of us ate 4 bowls, diff tastes~

~Joyce n W.Jun~

~we went for 2nd round.HAHA coz it was not that filling, Bel, Joyce, me, W.Jun n Sandy~

We went out together to Mid to watch Maze Runner. And guess how many people went?
There were 27 of us.HAHA
Well conquered like half of the rapid bus from UM to Mid. 
*well, in UM, itz soooo convenient to get a bus to anywhere*

~lunch before the movie starts~

 ~27 of us and we were the noisiest.haha and the guys were so semangat singing Negaraku for the last time~

 ~Maze Runner was awesome~ 

Monday, September 29, 2014

AGM and Final Year Party

We had our PKV Annual General Meeting bfore the sem ended. And *clap clap* Clement was elected as the new president. LOL. I've told him again and again, you will sure be the next president and everyone agreed to that.haha 

Presenting to you the new PKV committee 14/15:

~the whole new bunch of awesome commiittee~

~May and June babies~

they did a birthday celeb for all May n June babies. I didnt want to come out but I was being forced by W.Jun.HAHA. He memang la.LOL, I surrender de la to him. People will always kacau us coz we both were very very close, til they were like 'eh couple aja la you two' HAHA. *well, who knows? one day? jadi impian? cehhhwah* but no la, i liked someone ady, until now, hmmmm.. *heee XD*
Well, everyone calls him a man of wisdom. serious weyh, he is a very nice guy, a person who is really committed to the Lord, soft spoken, etc etc *gosh too many* I eyed him the first few times since I entered PKV.haha, even until now. And what a small world, he knows my cousin from and my cousin's mum taught him during primary school! OMO... I told him those who comes from seremban sure mostly from Bukit Mewah school punya.hahahah. Only a few people knows about my story where I shared about my tsunami guy story. I surrender everything to God, He knows who my life partner will be, if he is the one for me, I'll go for it =) 

~gonna miss those who are graduating de *sobs~

During Final year party:

 ~final year performing Let it go in their own version~

 ~Clement n Sam playing Lord of our campus song~