Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Weekend

Twas a hectic week last week.huhu

Did my thesis stuffs and submitted before Friday.

Had camp post-mortem meeting on Friday at Mailbox Cafe, Section 17.

Food was nice, especially their burgers, coz they made their own patties.
The price was very reasonable too! 

 ~T.H.E Camp Committee 2015~

 ~some epic pose~

Went out for a movie, Mocking Jay part 2 with Jennice, Hui Shan, Clement, Vivian, Naomi, Jack and Aaron. We booked the movie at 11.10pm and it ended around 1.30am. 
5 months of not watching any movies.LOL

Saturday, went to Paradigm Mall with 2 of my housemates, to get Christmas gifts.
And yeay, all wrapped! =) Ready to be given out, i know it's still early but, there's no more place in my cupboards to keep it.LOL
Housemates all given,left le CG peeps and some other friends. 
Macam borong the whole Paradigm liao.
Came back home, Naomi said she haven't had her dinner, so I accompanied her, then we also wanted to give back Tim's guitar, so jio-ed them out as well.

~random supper~

Yeap it was kinda, we met Yvonne & Sheldon there, and David was at Tim's place, so yea everyone joined us.haha
It was a tiring week, but I had a good time with everyone. =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful. Grateful

Really wanna thank God for providing me with a Supervisor to guide me in my thesis journey.
For the first 5 weeks after starting the sem, I was soooo demotivated and down when I had no supervisor. 
Went to uni,hunt for the lecturers' that I wanted, but most of them couldn't say Yes because they already had too many students. I was so down that time
Looking back, I asked God, "why me? why did my previous SV left me hanging like that"
I felt so lost, there was no one to guide me, and I was so scared that I couldn't complete my studies on time.
Fears crept in for many weeks, but God wanted me to look to him and fear Him not other things.

I came across the name of a Korean lecturer when I was browsing through the web. It came across my mind whether Should I or Should I not ask her to be my SV. Because I am going to do something based on our education system, I'm afraid if our thoughts would be different. 

Made the decision to just email her few days later asking if she could become my supervisor and like few hours later, she replied!!
Met up with her and told her about my research interest, etc etc.....
She was so friendly! and without any delay, she agreed to become my SV.

At that time, I was thanking and praising God.
It made my day.
He always has a plan for me. 
It's just me who loves to have lotsa worries and negative thoughts. 
God had been there tru my ups and downs.

For the past few weeks till now, she's been guiding me a lot on my thesis.
Really....really wanna give all glory to Him.
God answers prayer, but we have to be patient in waiting.
Looking forward for more exciting stuffs ahead of me =)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

T.H.E Camp 2015 (Part 4)

The last day of  camp =( *NUUUUUUU*

 ~last P&W~

May Jee was the worship leader and the songs that she sang was from Bethel Music.
Like you're in a Bethel concert. =D

We had our last session with Pastor after P&W, followed by the announcement for the winners for both games and Camp Special.

 ~Mah Meri group~

 ~Lanoh group~

Jyeah, my group got the 4th place. And surprisingly, we got 2nd place for Camp Special.LOLL

 ~Lotud's group~

 ~Semai's group~

 ~the winner, Bateq group~

And it was time to reveal the Angel Mortal thingy!

 ~Bryan telling his mortal's name~

 ~Boon Nie's angel was Yvonne, and they were seated side by side that time~

Final group pics and all after everything.
Yer, really sad lor, time flies. 
and 4 days is not enough.huhu

 ~Mah, I'm merry~

 ~Lanoh..oooohh ooohh oohh~


 ~my mortal (Amanda) and my angel (Timothy)~

I tell you, it was so funny la, when i got Amanda, she was staying in the same dorm as me and sleeping beside me.LOL
And when i have to take care of her secretly, i will give snacks with a note.
From time to time, i will just put something on her bed with a note or write an pass it to peeps to help me out with it, then few people came and asked me if my mortal was her, LOL coz they said my handwriting looked familiar.HAHA *ya, i can't change diff style of writing lor* haha

And to my angel, thanks for the song and the hugs =D
I was surprised.haha

 ~Q cards for my group~


Thank you peeps for all these notes and messages. Appreciate it much... Love u guys ^_^
I had a really good time at camp. 4 days without any internet connection and data, really had great time of fellowship and bonding with people and also to seek Him.
Gahh, i hate this, but i really missed camp! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

T.H.E Camp 2015 (Part 3)

 Day 3 of T.H.E Camp.

~the bridge~

Woke up at 5.45am everyday, enjoying the natural breeze and coldness. so nice.
Took a bath and went down to open the hall and have my own worship with God.
So nice to just stroll around when everyone is still tucked under their blanket =D

 ~worship team~

Jia you leading for the first time.
As usual, we had our devotion time before breakfast and after that was the session as well as sharing time.

 ~Evangeline's testimony~

 ~Sandy's turn~

After the session, we had lunch together as usual.

 ~i love the green nature here~

We had a short while to prepare for Camp special at night.
Then we had Games sessions like the day before.
We had our photo session before the games, if not nanty basah lencun after the games session.LOL

 ~camp photo session~

 ~free style~

And the challenge began:

 ~picking up the worms~

Yah, it was Sandy's idea to play with frogs and worms. 
Thank God I don't need to play, if not, i'll scream my hearts out.


They had to go tru some activities that involved the swing, see-saw and slide,haha

 ~runn!! runn!!~

 ~walking on the wood~

 ~getting the sweets out from the flour~

 ~Bateq group doing their cheer~

 ~holding onto the monkey bar and pass the ball using their legs~

 ~the dog is just to cute~

 ~putting the worm on the face and walk to the other side~

 ~Lanoh's in action~

 ~Lotud's group~

This was my station, at the Amphitheater together with Ginnie.
They have to kick the shuttlecock to a specific level and after that throw a slipper and knock down a bottle at a specific level.
From there, they will have to answer questions from charades, physical activities, short skit to biblical questions. 

 ~blindfold and look for some stuffs~

 ~obstacle course~

 ~kesian Tim kena baling air~

Haha few of them kena baling air from non-committees, I MANAGED TO ESCAPE!! weeehuuuu

After the games, we all went back to bathe and headed to canteen for dinner.
It was CAMP SPECIAL at night!
We can see all the funny acting from all these talented people.
Truly we had a great laughter and bonding that night.haha

 ~Lotud's group~

 ~Semai's group~

 ~Bateq's group~

 ~Lanoh's group~

 ~Mah Meri's group~

 ~Chebob's group~

After the camp special, we headed to canteen for supper before we had camp fire.
Whisky the dog was my peneman setia to canteen everyday.
The ground was wet coz it was raining in the evening, but thank God that we were able to set up the fire =D

 ~camp fire~

 ~marshmallows and chocolate~

~singing, dancing, fellowshiping session~

Everyone really enjoyed the camp fire.
Some of us were having heart to hear conversations with people.
I had my own heart to heart conversations too =)
Coz seldom really talked about stuffs, that day was the day that I really get to know more about people.

to be continued....

T.H.E Camp 2015 (Part 2)

 ~morning devotion~

We had our morning devotions before breakfast.
Great time of sharing about relationship with God for Day 2 of devotion

 ~me at the bridge~

After the devotion, we headed to canteen for our breakfast.
Then, we had our second session for 2 hours.

 ~camp committee~

Camp committee having short meeting before the games.
We test run the game and it was raining heavily.
But thank God the rain stopped after that and we can have our GAME SESSION! =D

 ~cooperation to balance the water with your leg~

 ~Shave the balloon~

 ~Pastor Danny, our camp speaker~

 ~Whisky, the cute dog~

 ~watch your step~

This station was my station with Clement.
It was really fun to watch these people play the games.LOL


Yea, for this game, you have to slide tru the banners filled with detergent and water.

 ~Lanoh tribe, which is also my group~

 ~Clement being thrown into the river~

I went into the river and after some time, I came out coz the guys started splashing water to me and the rest. >< And i was totally drenched.

 ~Sheldon, Clem and Eric~

Sheldon, Tim, Clem, Lydia Li and a few more were being splashed with water.LOL
Thank God i escaped already.

 ~Session 3~

 ~Zachary sharing his testimony~

~Christopher's turn~

Few people will take turns to share their testimonies based on the questions given in the booklet (Heart to heart conversations)
still remember me and clem prepared this quests at the very last min, one day before camp, printed and cut everything.LOL
this was kind of random also actually, we tested on ourselves.haha 
But it was good to listen to testimonies from people =)

To be continued....