Monday, May 18, 2015

PostgradEdu CG

PostgradEdu CG is a combination of Postgraduate and Education students.
Thank God for the opportunity that He had given me to lead this CG, this is the first ever postgrad CG in UM =)
Thank God for each and every members of postgradEdu CG, they're always there to support and encourage me,

Honestly, it took me quite some time to think about leading this CG. I never led a CG before and I was kinda nervous * you have no idea how nervous was i during the first meeting*
But God sent His Holy Spirit to guide me through the whole session. 

All honour and praise be given to Him!

 On the 25th April 2015, we had our very first CG outing at KL Botanical Garden.

~those who could make it for the picnic~

We had a fun and wonderful time with each other.
Eating, sharing stories, play games, etc.

~group pic~

The botanical garden was sooo big. Couldnt manage to tour the whole place.
More CG outings in future =)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

PKV Picnic Day!

We had our picnic day on the 16th of May 2015 at our very own UM Treehouse.
Thank God for the wonderful weather and bonding that we all had.
I'm kinda afraid of heights, so yea, i went up the tree *shouted* and I came down the tree *shouted*, the steps were kinda steep tho.haha so, emm, it may be the first and last time I'm climbing that tree. 

~us listening to some of the sharing~

 ~SMILE! for it will be a blessing to others~

~group chat, sharing about our week and other stuffs~

Thanks to Joanne and Amanda for organizing the picnic. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Teacher's Day

On the 16th of May 2015, I attended the TCF (Teacher's Christian Fellowship) Klang Valley Teacher's Day celebration at St. Paul's Church, together with Andrew.
We used the public transport then we walked to St Paul's. It was my FIRST time walking to St. Paul's and crossing that busy main road.haha (it was scary okay, coz banyak cars)

The one that I attended is usually back at my hometown in Muar and I didnt know they used to have it in St Paul's every year.LOL till Andrew told me about it and I decided to attend. Oh well, I know some of them from TCF coz my dad and aunt is a member of TCF.
Talked to a few teachers there, etc etc and they were all " Oh , so you're Mr Yang's daughter? Good, good, younger generations have to rise up" LOL, so, basically anyone that I've met on that day, I introduced myself as Mr Yang's daughter.HAHA

The speaker for that day was Miss Goh Hai Bee where she spoke on the topic "from sparrows to eagles". Yes, we as teachers do face many kinds of challenges in schools and with all the workload and stuffs, but we must always be thankful to God because He is our sustainer. Especially us as believers in Christ, we should be a role model to others in school, the way we live our lives and how we treat people. 

To all teachers out there and teachers to be (especially Christian teachers), God placed you in that particular school, colleges, universities for a purpose.

"Do not underestimate ourselves, only God determines our destiny"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FOUND (Easter Production-PKVUM)

On the 7th and 8th of May 2015, we had an Easter production "FOUND" that was held in Institute Pengajian Siswazah, UM. The story is about the prodigal son where God is love and he never fails to love us. 

All glory and honour be given to Him. Without Him,this would not be made possible. 
We had less than a month of practice and everyone was so caught up with so many things (assignments, test, presentations, etc) but all of them sacrificed their time for the practices, because we do all this not for our own, but for Him! =)

~beautiful menu drawn by one of the PKV members~

~sales team~

Yea, i was in the sales team for one of the scenes where i need to be a salesperson that sells my hat.haha

~pub girls~

~one of the scenes, Robert (acted by Gabriel), Mr Wong (acted by Jack), and Uncle Raj (acted by Alfred)~

 ~Mr Wong and the main character Philip (acted by Andrew) in one of the scenes~

 ~the dance team~

I was in the dance team again, for the second time after SOTD last year. 
Oh well, i am so teruk in dancing. Till now i cant even do body roll. ROFL!!
Thank you Eunice for choreographing the whole dance for us despite being so busy with her thesis. Thank you also for being patient in teaching us the dance.

 ~the pointy style~

~the cast and crew~

Many people came for the production, and I hoped that one day more and more will come to know about Him. Above all, I want to give thanks and praise to Him for being with each and every one of us throughout the practices and till the day of production.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

PKV Activities 2015 (P1)

We had fun and exciting activities in this Sem 2 this year. Most importantly, we get to learn more about His word.  

Week 1: Welcome back after the sem break!

~we have Jack (yellow shirt) there with us ~

Week 2: Spiritual Discipline

We had Pastor John to talk about how doing our quiet time affects our spiritual life. God must be our top priority in everything. Even in the midst of our busyness, never neglect His word. 

Week 3: Overview of the Old Testament

The committee did a short role play about the overview of the Old Testament and also prepared some activities for all of us.

Week 4: Overview of the New Testament

Uncle Rodney came and share with us about the overview of the New Testament.

Week 5: History of Denominations

We get to learn more about the history of different denominations by one of the FES staffs.

Week 6: Stations of the Cross

We came together that Friday and reflected on Jesus death. It is where we get to spend some quiet time with the Lord without anyone disturbing us. 

Week 7: Service to the Nation

We had Mr Goh Keat Peng to speak on this topic.
He spoke about :
1. Absolute authority-God alone is and has absolute authority
2. Delegated authority- Authority in human hands is only delegated authority
3. Under Authority- We are obliged to adhere to good and not bad conduct

*we must always pray for our nation instead of condemning our nation*

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015. Whoooaa. what? WAIT! It's already 2015?
*time fliess* Noooooo.... another year has gone.

So, how did I end my year in 2014?
Well, we went for supper after we studied in KPS.haha.
Only a few of us (me, Alquin, Daniel, Wern Jun, Sam n Sheldon) went to Bumbung for their famous nasi lemak. yea, we spent the rest few minutes of 2014 there.

Im so gonna miss 2014 *cries many many tears* so much memories, so much great stories, so much joy, so much tears, so much havocness.

I'm sure this year it's gonna be another exciting year for me. What's my goal? I surrender it to God. =) I will let Him lead and guide me. Everything happens when the time comes. God has already planned all of it out. 

Spent the first day of New Year studying in MCD for 7 hours and it was freezing cold. And today marks one year since I got the letter to be accepted into UM. 

Let us continue to walk this journey of faith together. 

I want to continue to desire more of His Word.
I want to continue to seek Him.
I want to continue to walk in faith with Him. 
I want to continue to be a blessing to others.

Let Him hold your hand and let Him guide you =)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 (Part 3)

Day 3 in Seremban

In the morning, we went to eat the famous Seremban beef noodles. Yay! finally got a chance to taste it.

 ~beef noodles from Yee Kee~

After that, we went to Palm Mall, just to jalan jalan and get J-co's doughnuts. yay!! it's been ages since I last ate the doughnuts from J-Co. Then we went Toys R Us and havoc there. *Daniel and Tim also pening see me and Naomi showing our inner child thingy*.LOL

~we had much joy and fun together for the past 2 days~

After much fun and joy in the mall, Naomi dropped me in Tim's house in the evening and I had dinner with the Kwan family before we headed back to UM. Nooooo *procrastinating* dont wanna go back ='( 
Tim's mum is a good cook too and she feeds me with so much food till my tummy wanna explode.ahaha..

Really thank you to both Naomi and Tim's parents for welcoming us to their house. Thank you too to Daniel Wong for fetching me to Seremban.haha..

I had a great stay although it was a short one. Gonna cherish all the memories that I had. This kinda sums up my story for the year. 

Back to UM--->exam week.. All de best peeps for your finals!