Sunday, April 24, 2016

Colour Run (Larian Spektra 2016)

Joined Krispy Kreme Doughnut Run/Larian Spektra 2016 or also know as Colour Run today.
Woke up around 6.30am, pick people up from UM and reached our destination around 7.40am.
Started our run at 8am.

 ~PKV peeps this morning~

That was us before the run, clean and fresh.haha
We all ran on our own ways, and met few of them on the way =D
This time's run was 5km, oklah compared to the Larian Gegar i joined last year which was 10km.
Everytime it's like why am I joining all these runs.LOL 
Running/walking up Bukit Cinta is no joke, really so berbukit. *breathes*
There was 4 colour stations and 1 water station, and ngehehe I tried to escape from the colour being thrown to us.
And at the end, the finishing point, I saw BHOE and he chased me and wipe his colour on my shirt. Nuuuuuuu

We gathered back at the same place to collect our doughnuts and goodie bag.

 ~Eric, Laura, Cha and me~

 ~Bryan managed to get Top 10~

That boy, all the runs also he joins la. 
So semangat...

 ~showing off our medals~

 ~with Brandon and Eunice~

 ~with the rest of PKV peeps in our colourful shirts~

And Oli's was so speechless when she saw my shirt colour.
She was wondering how I escaped from the colour stations =P

~Quin, Oli and me~

Went back home to get a good bath, got some colours on my hand and shirt, and the colour really stained your skin,even how hard I scrubbed.LOL
Went for brunch after that and came back to have my nap. What a long day =D

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CG movie + Surprise Visit

Since it was mid sem break, I decided to bring my CG out for a movie.
We watched Jungle Book yesterday ( oh well, I don't really remember the cartoon..hehe coz I didn't really watched it), but the movie was good. The animals, especially the foxes (so fluffy!! feeeeel like hugging it)

15 of us went to watch the movie (some other couldn't be with us), missing them, coz haven't met some of them for so long.

~us during dinner~

 ~CG last week (inductive Bible study)~

On Saturday, i had dim sum with Oli, Jennice, Bryan and Ivan.
It was my first time having dim sum around PJ/KL, coz dimsum kinda expensive.huhu
But this, salted egg pau was really good.
Put it in your mouth...and fuh the salted egg explosion

 ~ham tan pau~

And guess who came back?? to surprise us! haha
This girl ah, haven't seen her for like 2 years plus coz she was studying overseas and when she came back here, she was so busy with her medical life.
Now she was having one week break, so she decided to surprise us.
Stayed with me for 2 nights (we had lotsa catch up together although she was so busy meeting up with the rest as well).LOL

 ~selfie with Shu Yoong~

So glad to see her with her passion in serving the Lord in many areas.
She also another friend of mine who loves to be in East Malaysia in the future, to be in the mission and all.

On the other hand, I'm still busy, this time round with my own work.
Submitted to my SV my proposal,if everything is okay, I will submit it to the department and they will give me a date for Seminar 1.
*scarrrryy* not prepared yet, but I still need to face it aite? (if i wanna grad soon).hehe

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Went to Burgerlab on Monday to try the salted egg burger, which so many people has been craving for. So, 12 of us went that day. Good thing I pre-booked beforehand, if not, we won't have a chance to taste it.hehe

~salted egg burger~

For me, it was not bad la, the meat was juicy and the bread was really fresh,but maybe can add more salted egg sauce.haha.

 ~matcha brownie~

Got this for FREE! coz I wrote a review on FB and Trip Advisor.
Woots!! tastes really good... *since I'm a matcha lover*

 ~all of us~

 ~after dinner~

The staffs there were really friendly,
Good service from them *thumbs up*

Today, we had Teacher's Christian Fellowship KL/PJ Prayer in my house.
We have this every month once in various places.
Great time of fellowship and praying for different things and also sharing our testimonies and prayer requests.


~Baby Daniella Grace is 2 months!~

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Productive Weekend

What did I do during my weekends?
Oh well, it's been a long time since I went to the mall, and have some leisure time or window shopping.huhu
I've been so busy, missing PKV also.hmmm

Anyways, went for Good Friday Service at PJ Gospel Hall with few peeps, it was kinda random.
Thank you Lord for sending your Son to die on the cross for our sins.

Saturday, met up with Mdm Roges! She came to UM for the Education Carnival.
How i've missed her!! I think it's almost a year plus since I last met her.
So glad to meeeet with her again!
The moment she saw me she said "you looked the same!"haha
This time she came with her husband.huhu
Didn't get to attend her wedding that time coz I was back in hometown and the ceremony was in Kedah. 

 ~during TESL Carnival~

 ~after some competition, changed to my t-shirt.huhu~

~during Dean's List award~

I'm so grateful and thankful for God for her during my studies in MSU.
She was the one who guided me and helped me so much.
We were both like mum and daughter already.haha
We've both seen each other grow up during my 5 years in MSU.=D
That's where I got the name "Sunshine" also when i was in MSU.huhu
till the whole department and even other people from diff fac calls me that.LOL
It was really a great time meeting up with her.

In the evening, went for a movie with Charissa,
We watched Zootopia!! and we ate Snowflakes *cravings satisfied*
The show was good!!

Today, was Easter, attended service in the morning.
Christ has RISEN! Hallelujah! 

Back to work again tmrw. Week 6 for the rest *time flies*

Monday, March 14, 2016

Kumpulan Ayam Outing

After the outing on Saturday, we, the Kumpulan Ayam (me, Jennice, Hui Shan, Andrew and Edmond) went for our own outing. Our plan was to visit Planetarium Negara which is situated in KL.

We took the LRT from Taman Jaya to Pasar Seni.
It was my first time to Planetarium Negara, and the boys said it was somewhere near Pasar Seni.
When we reached there, omo, we have to walk sooooo long.HAHA
Crossing busy KL roads (coz the underground tunnel closed...zzzz)

The place that we wanted to go was kinda hilly (like UM)
So we had to climb up quite high to get to that place (but first of all, we went to Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia).
While otw to Planetarium, we met 2 China guys who were also looking to visit places of interest, and we asked them to join us.
Andrew was our tour guide as he has been to all these places before. And whoaa...we were so impressed by all his history knowledge (me and Jennice were like omo omoo)

~while waiting for the guys to come down~

~traffic light~

After visiting Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia, we climbed to the highest place that is Planetarium Negara.
And..... manatau when we reached there, it was CLOSED!!! omo
Wah, really so penat ohh climbing all those stairs.

~before heading down to Pasar Seni~

We were all heading back to Pasar Seni, but before that,
we visited Orchid Garden.
Didn't wanna go one, lol, me and Jennice so penat already, but Andrea jie so semangat.
Ok lor, last stop.

~us at Orchid Garden~

Headed to Pasar Seni (thank God we came down, coz it was raining heavily on the way back), and we went to Texas Chicken for dinner.
Ahhh..aircond (so good to get aircond!) haha

Interesting and exciting and exhausting Saturday.
Had a great time with all these kumpulan ayam peeps.
I don't look forward to Mondays coz I still want my beauty sleep.LOL

Sunday, March 13, 2016

CG outing

On Saturday, we had CG outing (postgradEdu and Enbina CG) at Taman Jaya Park. 
Met there around 9am.
Prepared the sandwiches and the fruits quite early in the morning (thanks to those who helped out)

~all of us~

We had our chillax and bonding session there.
No specific activity, mainly just chilling and catching up with one another.
I brought my cards (UNO, happy family, Snap, Old Maid and Donkey), Jack brought his Reaction card, roller blades and skateboard.

~so into the game Happy Family~

Very interesting game.
Used to play it during my childhood time, so fun!

 ~wefie (Clem, Mok, me, Hui Shan, Edmond, Tim and Mabel)~

 ~they had fun playing Reaction games~

 ~this is Reaction~

~Tim trying to skateboard~

~wonder who is this huh?~

 ~like father, like son, LOL~

 ~some singing sess~

~Happy Family game~

After the outing, all of us went for lunch at A&W which is nearby LRT Taman Jaya.
It's been so long since I last ate A&W, my fav was onion rings and the waffle.

~all of us with Andrea jie posing with his initials.haha~

Sunday, March 6, 2016

TCF(Teacher's Christian Fellowship) AGM

So...the story goes like this.LOL
Initially I was not planning to go anywhere on Saturday, i just wanted to sleep (rest and do my work), ever since I started working, I really look forward for weekends.haha
But..... I went for the TCG 56th AGM which was held around Subang in their office. 
Kinda lazy to go at first haha but yea, after some "forcing" by le friend, ok lo, I'll go lor (coz hor, I don't really know many people, I paiseh, LOL, usually they'll know me also coz they know my dad)

Took the PJ free bus from UT to LRT Taman Jaya (only 5 mins), I was like whoaa, that was fast!
Then took the LRT to KL sentral to take the KTM to Subang (it's been ages since I last travelled alone, and I've learnt to  be independent ever since I stayed in KL/Selangor). Oh well, sometimes, I'm kinda scared also la to travel alone esp in KL/Selangor, coz u know la, not that safe also. But I thanked God that He is always with me wherever I am =)

Took about an hour from UT to KTM Subang, then someone picked me, Andrew and aunty Lin from the station. Met aunty Lin and aunty Saw Sim for the first time.hehe
Reached the office around 1pm, then we had lunch there, saw few people that I've met before, LOL, talked to them and etc. Oh yah, Abel Cheah from TFM was also there.

AGM started at 2pm and ended around 4.30pm. Quite a number of teachers/educators attended the AGM, where the quorum is met =) Met few new people, they came talking to me and most of them asked me where do I work at.LOL (before that, Aunty Indy told them that we have few young people among us, then she introduced me and Andrew) 

I have no regrets for attending the AGM altho at the first place I was kinda err lazy?HAHA
Coz talking with few experienced teachers/lecturers/educators, they told me that if i need a job, look for them, and they asked me if I'm interested to work in the place that they've told me. I thanked God for always bringing people into my life, people to share their experience and interest and etc. 

I believe God is trying to tell me something... to be more involved in TCF in future? (Whatever it is, I surrender everything into His hands), I believe He has a purpose for me. What is the plan for my future? I will continue to seek Him =)

~thank you Uncle Boon Chye for serving faithfully as a Chairman in TCF for many years~

 ~new EXCO members for TCF~

Oh yah, Haha, another reason why at first I'm kinda reluctant to go coz Andrew told me that we might be chosen as the committee since we are the young ones.HAHA
I was like "errr u serious? but I'm not working in schools/uni/colleges yet wor, dont know what's the current issues and all" haha

 ~with baby Daniella Grace~

The baby is sooo cute and sooooo guai!! She didnt even cry throughout the 2 1/2-3 hours of meeting.
Carried her for almost 40 minutes... my heart melted.
I want my own kids too!! hehe

Looking forward to the TCF Teacher's Day celebration in May this year.