Sunday, July 1, 2018

Half of 2018 gone

~Omo, it's been half a year! 
So many things and events that has happened over the pass 6 months.
It's been half a year since I started working in JC, things are good =) Learning new things every day. Gained many new knowledge and experiences.

-March 2018-
We went to Sekinchan with the TCF teachers. It was my first time to Sekinchan (seeing beautiful paddy fields and there were lotsa cheap seafood). That time when we went, we didn't get to see the paddy being harvested, that time the paddy was still fresh and green, the weather was very hot too! Haha, i had a lil sunburnt. 

-visited Bukit Malawati in the morning-

~ckigu pun nak bergambar jugak~

~we visited the rice factory!~

 ~took picture nearby the paddy field~

Havoc peeps, Kumpulan Ayam and a few of us meetup during the school holidays! It was a great time of catching up with one another, especially most of us being teacher, we talked about the challenges in our workplace. 
~ate so much dimsum~

Went out with le colleagues, Anderson and Tasha for Korean BBQ nearby Starling Mall. It was so good!
~the three of us~

-May 2018-
It was a historical day for all Malaysians on the 9th of May 2018. It was GE 14, and it was my first time voting for my country. Went back to Malacca to vote and came back on the same day. That night, I did not slept but waited till the full results for this election. It was truly a hot hot election, semua anak muda really bangkit and we wanted change for the country. For the first time ever, Harapan won! Everyone cheered but it was kinda tense moment (you'll know if you've watched the news), so we had extra 2 days of holidays.

~this finger that made a change for our country~

~meet up with Ain Ro after 4 years~

 ~attended a rally for the first time~

For the first time ever in my life, I attended a rally nearby Amcorp. Wow! just wow! the number of people who came regardless of race and religion. Indeed, it was a new Malaysia!

 ~Elphis CG~

Joined their end of sem makan makan, good to catch up with some people after stepped out of UM for so long. LOLZ

 ~Teacher's Day celebration at Jogoya~

 ~Havoc peeps meetup coz Andrew was back~

~LEAD 2018~

Attended the first and last LEAD conference in Church. Twas a good 3 days of the conference. Was truly blessed by the Word. Glad that I got to join a CG from church since last October. Since then, I was given the opportunity to lead worship, word and also to prepare supper in CG.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Blessed Year (2017)

And 2017 is coming to an end, time flies, really really flies! Anyway, this year has been a great year, full of ups and downs! Twas a challenging year indeed.
Let's flashback....

-My contract for RA ended after a year. Twas a good time and experience working under my SV, who guided me so much in my thesis. Joined CM's FPR (Family Planning Retreat) for the first time, although the whole camp was in Mandarin, but I enjoyed it. It was held at GSBA (my favourite beach)

-Went to visit Li Wen in Tampin (spent 2 days 1 night at her place), visited few places and took many great shots of pics! then, headed home for CNY and short sem break. Sent Vian off to Aussie for 9 months.

- Worked in a private school for 2 months, it was a great experience! haha, have never been to a private or international school before. Taught English to Primary 5 kids and Music from Primary 1-6, lol, my ears were exploding.

-Waited for Seminar 2 which was set to be at the end of the month, but they postponed it to early of May. Many activities in school. Was in charge of ice skating for co-curriculum activities (so interesting weyh!). Had sports day in school and that was my last day of work (kids gave me so so many presents) I was so touched and sad to leave them.

-Finally, seminar 2! (after so long). Stopped work in the private school as I wanted to focus fully on my final write up for thesis. But, I visited the kids and came back to mark their English papers. Kids were so happy that I was back.hehe

-It was time for my SV to leave Malaysia and moved to Sweden permanently. I'm so so blessed to have her as my SV, she was God sent, she helped me so so so much for my thesis (words couldn't express it). If not because of her, I think I wouldn't have made it this far. FYP in UM, was asked to give my testimony (shy die) HAHA. It was Park's last sem and last month too =(. Sent him off for the last time to KLIA2.

-Kayak with other CG's. It was my first time of kayaking and it was not easy! So painful ah my arms LOLZ, but I enjoyed it so much! Joined a 7km run too (my last run in UM). Worked in TJC (Tadika Juara Cerdik) in DUMC as a helper (while i'm waiting for a job)

-Worked in JC till the 2nd week of August. Got a job in Nobel and was given Geography to teach. Many things happened when i was in Nobel, Geography was an interesting subject to teach as it was all in Cambridge English

-Did not have a nice and conducive working environment in the school that I was in. It was kinda roller coaster journey for the whole month.

-Resigned from the school before the school holidays. It was my first time to Ipoh too! (roadtrip with Adib and Sarah), it was a daytrip, so we left KL at 5am and reached home around 12 midnight. Ate so much and visited many interesting places.

-Thesis results was out! Passed with minor corrections. Also tutored 2 international students Malay Language (it was fun). Did all the corrections for final thesis submission.

-Christmas production, this year I became the audience, hehe. Got to watch the whole production, it was great! Settled the final submission for thesis and went back hometown to celebrate Christmas with le parents (after so many years). Twas a great break for me as well.

As i looked back, God had really blessed me with many things. Despite the many challenges that I faced, He never failed to guide me thru it. I am grateful and thankful to Him! 
I pray that this year, in 2018, I will get to experience more of God's presence in my life.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ipoh Roadtrip

Jyeah, my first time to Ipoh! Thanks to Adib and Sarah for bringing me to this fun and exciting road trip.

Started our journey at 5am on a Wednesday (Deepavali holiday), reached Ipoh around 730am.
We went to New Hollywood for breakfast. Ordered variety of food, chee cheong fun, roti goyang (my first time trying it), and char kuey teow. 

~delicious food~

After that, we went to Taiping Zoo. Since it was a public holiday, there were lots of people haha

 ~we-fie with the elephants~

We spent almost 2 hours in the zoo. Hmm, the zoo was not really well maintained, haha most of the animals are kinda hiding in their own "cave" LOLZ
We stopped by Marrybrown to have some snacks then we headed to Istana Kenangan in Kuala Kangsar. 

~at Istana Kenangan~

Didn't get to enter as it was under renovation. So, many people came to take pictures from outside huhu.

~Ipoh chicken rice~

I've also tried Mee Kicap, Ipoh Chicken rice and Ipoh White coffee. Not bad, quite delicious.
The 3 of us really ate non stop hahah.

Our next stop was Concubine Lane.

~posing sikit~

~old buildings~

 ~beautiful background~

We just strolled along Concubine Lane, taking pictures and observing the different buildings around it.

We wanted to go Kellie's Castle but it was kinda far and was getting darker, so we decided to stop by a mall to chill.

~Korean mart~

Stopped by Ipoh Parade, and there was a Korean mart! Bought a cup of tteokboki, just to try (very spicy, but it was good). We then chilled at Starbucks before heading home.
Twas a good and fruitful roadtrip with le friends, really had a good time catching up with them after a long long time. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Boy Meets Girl

Borrowed this book from one of my housemates, where she borrowed from the church library.
It was a good book! It teaches us how to honour God and learning to trust God in a relationship/courtship.

This book is filled with stories of people who are choosing to honour God in the real-life details of their love lives. It talks about the basic principles of courtship and see how God works in many ways in a relationship. It really brought great impact to my life reading this book.

Many times, people just wanna jump into a relationship without asking God to guide/lead us. We tend to follow our own heart's desire instead of God's. Yes, at times I'm also in that situation, but i've learnt to trust in God and to be patient, because He knows the best ONE and the best time for me.

This book also talks about practical issues of what to do as the season of courtship unfolds, in which we learn how to grow closer with one another but still guard our hearts. At times, yes, we may want to go more than that, more than a friendship, more than a romance, but No that is not what God wants. He wants us to guard our heart and not to fall into sinful lust.

This book also reminded me that God's grace is our ultimate source of confidence for joining our hearts and lives in the vows of marriage. That is why I am very careful to getting into a relationship, and especially to get into a relationship with an unbeliever of Christ, it will be a tough journey as we share different views and thinking. As the Bible states:

"Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14"

So, a reminder to myself to seek God for His wisdom and to follow His ways and not my ways. 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways", declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9"

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Yes work?

Took up the offer to teach Geography at an International school as the syllabus they used was Cambridge English. It's been few months there?
Well, teaching Geography was kinda fun and straightforward compared to English HAHAHA.

The working environment in the school is not so conducive. Quite a lot of issues going on there. Yes it may be challenging, but I thanked God for opening my eyes to many things (people who are genuine, who care about you and people who wear "masks", act well in front of you but at the back, they'll be a different person). I don't plan to work there long, this time I'll not rush in taking up any jobs. Oh well, it was kinda a rush taking up this position also huhu

I miss working in TJC! 
I miss the people and the working environment there and of course my cute lil kids!

~Last day of work in TJC~

Bryan left for Japan already!
He will be there for a year T_T.
Before he left, a few of us met for the last time, 1 year is long haha

~grateful for them~

We had lunch and matcha for dessert and a great time of fellowship with one another.
It was also a good "outing" for me too, coz ever since i started work in that school, I had no time for other things T_T

Take care zai! See you a year later =D

Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's been a year!

Yes, it's been a year since I went to Korea! Missing Korea weyh. (i'm gonna go there again!!)
2 weeks there was really fast. Wished if I can stay there for few months? haha

Anyways, few things had happened for the past few weeks.
Submitted my thesis for exam (yeay) but my convo will be next year (sad right?)
Who takes freakin' 2 months just to read and approve a title (that is why i need to wait for another year to convo, sigh)

On a happier side, managed to meet up with Vivian for few hours (coz she transits in KL before going to Korea)

~us at Mamak restaurant~

Twas a great catch up, it's been 5 months (macam 1 year). Glad she's enjoying her life in Aussie.

~with Huong and her friends~

Met up with Huong as well (we met when we were in Korea). Had a good time with her just jalan jalan in the malls.LOL 

~helped out in a conference~

Yeap, helped out with a conference. I'm not the presenter, just the penjaga.LOLL
And my new SV (dressed in pink), Dr Grace. She's such a friendly person! 

~with the props team~

And oh yeah, working part time in TJC while waiting for a permanent job. I thanked God for this job although it's just a temporary one. I believe God has something great in store for me. 
In the midst of waiting for a permanent one, He wants me to be patient (yes, I know I can't wait for one, but I should put my trust in Him)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Goodbye Sung Hyun!

Time flies~
One of my Korean exchange friend to UM is now back in Korea. 
Sent him to the airport with Bryan, Eric and Laura. It was an emotional time for us, he had been a very close friend to us. And we'll definitely be missing him. Yes, people come and go, but memories remain.

Before sending him off to the boarding gate, we had our last dinner with Sung Hyun.

~dessert at MCD~

~our last we-fie together~

 ~one last pic before he left~

All the best in your future undertakings and do keep in touch Sung Hyun! =)