Tuesday, November 4, 2014

T.H.E Camp Video

Credits to Partibhan for doing the video =)

Here's the link to our awesome Terrific, Happening and Exciting Camp 2014.


Monday, November 3, 2014

T.H.E Camp Part 4

NGAWWW.... the last day of camp =( *Cries* 
4 days passed by so fast. 
Today, woke up a lil late as it is the last day and we did not have group devotion.
We straight away went for breakfast and after that proceeded to the hall.

~the last day of P&W session~

 ~pianist for the last day~
It's been such a great joy to serve in PKV as well as T.H.E Camp~

Testimony sharing session:



 ~presenting to you, Mr President of PKV, Clement Kwan~

The announcement for the overall results (Day 1 to Day 3)

 ~Yu Hong (Game master), Yi Yeen (camp director)

 ~We won the first place.HAHA~

Now it's the time to reveal the names of our mortals:

 ~WJ and his pose~

 ~Christine revealing the name of her mortal~

 ~my reaction after getting to know whose my angel, that is the speaker, Annette~
LOL.ROFL..now i knowww....=D

 ~Angel and mortal~

 ~last selfie before we leave the place~


 ~Pic with Mama Joyce and Vanessa (left)~

~time to collect all our letters and notes~

~This is my mortal, Clement Kwan~

Yes, I was his angel for the past 4 days. making him fat by feeding him with food.haha,writing notes of encouragement and spamming his letter box on the wall. 

A person who is so passionate for God and a person who cares for everyone. May God continue to shower His love and blessings upon you. 

Thank you peeps for all the memories that you've given to me.
Cried while reading all those letters and notes. 
So touching.
4 days of camp, 4 days of knowing deeper about His Word. 4 days of great bonding with people.
I'll cherish each and every moments that I had in this camp.Looking forward for next year's =D

Sunday, November 2, 2014

T.H.E Camp Part 3 (cont)

After lunch, we meet up in our own groups to discuss about our sketch for the night, our performances. The theme for our sketch is based on cartoon (Frozen, Alice in Wonderland, Lion King, etc) 

Then we had games again in the afternoon. Gonna be the last game session for the camp =(

~the hand and leg game~

When the person in charge says right hand, so you have to raise your right hand up, everyone in the group, If one fail to do so, they'll be eliminated.
Haha this game must have an alert mind and good coordination. LOL, i'm bad in this game, first first dah kena singkir.=D 

 ~short briefing for the next game~
Good Berry group is gonna sapu all! XD

 ~your "enemy" have to pull the string that is on you~
So, you have to have your own strategy where you wanna put your string and how you wanna prevent your "enemy" from pulling it.

~super fun game~

 ~finals: Good Berry vs Joyful Banana~
I'm supposed to be together in the finals but I pulled out coz i'm really tired of all the runnings already.haha

 ~T.H.E Camp 2014 picture~

 ~Candid shot~
Wern Jun ah! hahaha looook what you have done.LOL

The performances:

~Kind Kiwi (Snow White)

 ~this is seriously funny~

~Patient Durian (Frozen) 

~Joyful Banana (Red Riding Hood) 

~Lovely Lychee (i can't remember what their group did.hee)~ 

~Peaceful Peach (Alice in Wonderland)~ 

 ~Faithful Grapes (something to do with some princess story)

~Good Berry (Lion King)~
I'm so proud of my group!
We won full points for the games in the afternoon.Can't believed that we tewaskan all the other pro groups. Well, our group are good with strategy although we had less people, coz some are in the committee. 


The fire was burnin howt.
We sat together, singing Bible school songs, doing actions, eating BBQ-ed marshmallow.

~our last night together~

Time flies, itz the last night that we'll all be together.
Oh, so far I've been jaga-ing my mortal well, feed him and taking care of him well =D
Wanna know who's my mortal? Wait for the next post ^_^

T.H.E Camp Part 3

As usual i woke up early around 5am something and did my quiet time with God.
The people in my room were asking me why I got up so early in the morning. Hahah. Although I sleep late, I still can wake up early and I feel energetic all the time.

We had group devotion and also morning exercise after that.
Today, we have to look for as many tree branches as we will be having camp fire at night *last night for the camp* NOOOOO. so fast weyh

 ~Boon Hoe carrying one tree branch~

We had breakfast and then we proceed to the hall.

~breakfast together~

P&W session as usual and also Day 3 of the topic "Tough Faith, Tender Heart"

-Have a tough and alert faith
-Have an observant and tender heart
-Have undaunted and vulnerable living

~Clement, pianist for morning P&W~
Also the president for PKV, a very very humble person, a person who has a heart for God, Tim's brother ^_^, a very great friend to me as well, budak 4 flat (haha thatz what the whole PKV calls him), and such a small world that he knows my cousin coz they're from Seremban.
He is such a patient guy, I always find him to talk.haha

~letters for everyone~

Yea, we have this every year during camp where anybody can write to anyone letters, notes, drawings, etc. 
I took this opportunity to write to every single person whose in the camp. Though I may not know some of them very deep, but I want to write a note of encouragement for all of them.

 ~that's mine =)~
Gonna read all on the last day.

 ~christine and me, the Muarians~

Got so close to her during this camp and getting to know her more.

~prayer session~

 ~such a great speaker for our camp~
Really learnt a lot about the Word of God throughout the camp. ( I already regretted not joining EARC-East Asia Regional Conference)

I pray that He will continue to use me in UM and also in the outside world, to be a great blessings to others.

"May we be a shining light to the nation
A shining light to the people of the earth
Till the whole world sees the glory of Your name
May Your pure light shine through us"

to be continued~

Saturday, November 1, 2014

T.H.E Camp Part 2 (cont)

At the afternoon, we had lotsa fun! Outdoor games. 
Good berry, lez do our best! =D *sapot group sendiri*

 ~Mama Joyce~

She is like a mama to all of us in PKV, she takes good care of us, a great cook too.

 ~Paul, Eric and Kim~
Happy faces during the camp. 
Coz we ols enjoyed it!

~Let the game begins!~

For this activity, it's Q&A activities. we have to select a number and we will be given a catergory (eg: Bible knowledge questions, about Malaysia, Maths,etc)
If we answer wrong, our friend from the other group will have to use the water in the pail (we can pour the water, sprinkle on them, etc) HAHA.

 ~most of the guys kena pour kaw kaw~

~competing to answer the questions~

 ~LOL, habis basah =D~
 ~lovely lychee and joyful banana group~

~Raee!! suai ge~

For this game, we have to put the ping pong ball as far as we can. So, teamwork is very important in this game ^^

~Peaceful peach group~ 

~candid pose~

 ~my group won this game, wuuuu Parti! good job! =D~

~something like take and run game, LOL, i lupa the name of this game ady~

Basically, u have to grab as many polystyrene box without being caught by "bad" people. Inside the box, you have a princess and some other things which will give you points for your group.

 Turnin as many cups as we can, the last group with the most cups win.

 ~ball game~

You'll be given a few papers to choose and you have to throw the ball to the one main person who is standing in the middle (eg: left hand, right leg, So, you have to throw the ball to the person's left hand and right leg)

Night session

 ~P&W session in BM~

~We love worshipping the Lord~
God's presence was so strong, at times, I would just tear when singing, coz the Holy Spirit is working in my life =)

 ~having quiet time with God~
Talk to Him
Speak to Him
Whisper to Him
Sing to Him
Connecting to the Lord, having a great bond with Him

 ~focus on Him~

This sums up Day 2, we had lotsa fun from morning till night.
After the sessions, we had supper, cup noodles. It's been so long since I ate cup noodles.HAHA.
Made a cup for my mortal too. =)