Saturday, March 18, 2017


Few things had happened for the past 2 months.
We had CNY celebration with PKV Chinese Ministry. We did steamboat this year. 
Helped them to cut and wash the steamboat food in my house before bringing it to church that night haha, i've never cut sooo many food before.LOL

~CNY Celeb with PKVCM~

Then, we sent Vivian off to KLIA 2 as she was going Aussie for 9 months for her twinning programme. We arrived early and had our dinner there. 
Gonna miss you for 9 months! Take care there and enjoy Aussie!!

 ~we-fie with Vian~

We also had our housemates outing and celebrated Yvonne's bday at Lat Tali Lat cafe. Played some pirate games and we had to do the dare game as punishment. 

~our fake laugh~

Had our 2nd housemate outing at Strangers at 47 before Lavi moved out to her new campus in Saujana Putra. 

~all of us~ 

My RA contract ended in January, and I was looking for a part time job. Went for an interview at Sri UCSI Secondary school as they were looking for a temporary teacher.
Kinda screwed up my mock teaching, so I thought that I won't get the job anymore, but one day, the primary school called me if I can come in immediately, so I agreed to it.

And here I am now in Sri UCSI Primary School teaching English to Year 5 kids and Music to Year 1 to 6 kids. New experience in a private school. My first week there was kinda crazy, coz I had no idea what I had to do, everything was kinda messed up LOL. I was kinda stressed marking so many books left by the previous teachers.

It's my second week now, things are kinda getting better, but I thanked God for providing someone who looked after me in school. I need not pay for food, but we had the leftovers from the canteen, and some of the teachers were concerned about my safety, so they sent me to the nearest LRT station after school instead of me taking Grabcar. 

Was reflecting back on many things, and I and grateful to God that he is always there taking care of me no matter where I am. I know I had complained so much the past few weeks, but He never fails you =) 

Monday, February 13, 2017

CNY 2017

As usual, went back to hometown and Malacca during CNY. Met up with cousins and this time round, went for loads of shopping LOLZ. Bought myself few blouses and pants, as I'm gonna work in schools soon, so yea, you need a more formal clothes.

~Dinner during Chor 1 at SKT Muar~


All of us have grown, as some of us have not seen each other for a year or so huhu.

 ~playing Saboteur~

This game was really fun! haha
We had a great time playing Saboteur together.
I'm gonna get one Saboteur for myself too. huhu

Came back to PJ after 2 weeks of being in hometown =( 
Can't wait to finish my thesis, to get a proper job and bring my parents for a holiday.haih

Anyways, we went Bai Nian to Kim's house.

 ~us at Kim's house in Shah Alam~

Then we went for dinner around Bukit Raja and after that to I-City. It was my 3rd time there and there were so many new things, WOW!

~we sat the Ferris Wheel~

So many people were at that place. We decide to try the Ferris Wheel ride for fun and then we walked around and took pictures. 
Left the place around 9 and we headed back to PJ.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Day Trip to Tampin

Before going back to my hometown, I went down to Tampin for a 2days 1-night trip.
Thanks to Li Wen for opening her house to me =)
I enjoyed myself there, exploring new places, away from the busy city and experiencing the peace and tranquility.
Before going to her house, we went to A Famosa Free Port shopping area, you can get branded stuff for a cheap price. Bought myself 3 pairs of t-shirts.ngehehe

 ~taking pictures around Tampin area~

~one of the park that we went~

 ~pose like a model~

 ~an area nearby Li Wen's place, full of rocks and sand~

~take me to where you're going~ 

 ~sunset outside of Li Wen's house~

~with Li Wen~

She is a really great photographer, if I get married in future, I would hire her as my photographer =D
Am so blessed to have her as a great sister in Christ, may God continue to bless her and her family.
Tampin, a recommended place to visit ^_^

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Family Planning Retreat 2017

It was my first time joining Family Planning Retreat (FPR) organized by Chinese Ministry (CM). I've always been so grateful for the people in CM for helping me out with translation, coz you know lah my Mandarin is very bad.huhu

Wanna thank God for the awesome and wonderful time spent during the 4 days 3 nights of retreat. Had a good time away from the city and busyness of life. Thank God for wonderful people who made me feel warm. It was also my first time playing Mandarin songs! =D

The theme for this year's retreat was Love, do you still remember me? I've gained a lot throughout the 4 days of retreat, learning to listen to His voice, learning to rely on Him in whatever that we do. It may not be easy as there are many challenges around us, but He is always there with us. 

 ~back to my favourite place, GSBA~

~the beach!~ 


So good to wake up early every morning and just sit by the beach, listening to the waves come rollin' 


~games session~

~morning Exercise~

Super epic morning exercise.LOL 

~random drawings~ 

~be like Jesus~

A session of praying for one another and washing their feet like how Jesus did.  

 ~same colour shirt~

~we are ONE family in CHRIST~

I really, really, really enjoyed myself there, all the bonding and new friendships built. From the exercise session to games session to learning His Word and everything else =D
All glory given to God for everything!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bye 2016

In a few days time, 2016 is coming to an end. Time flies, one year has passed!
Well, what have I done this whole year? (flashback)

- Got to know more about my new SV, was offered a job as an RA

- Started work as RA under my SV, thank God for the privilege that He has given me. Celebrated CNY and visited Kim's family with some other PKV-ians

- It's been a year since Elphis CG started! Wohoo, thank God for everyone that He has placed in this CG. Went for TCF AGM, kena dragged by Andrew, it was my first time meeting many new people. Collected data for my RA job (learned many new things). Mdm Roges came to UM! (to checkout postgraduates carnival) 

- Collected more data for RA job, had to skip PKV few Fridays. Signed up for Colour run (first time!). Went for Evangelical Bible Study Training in MCKL (my first time there. And WOW! MCKL quite nice). Had my first colour run towards the end of April (managed to escape from all the colours, hehe). We had our Easter production (When dawn breaks)

- Quite a hectic month. Had dinner at my SV's place, had Inter CG Games, celebrated TCF Teacher's Day (managed to drag few PKV-ians along, huhu) and started some of my own data collection.

-Went through my Seminar 1 (and I passed! PTL), was selected to be part of the Summer Programme in Korea (it took me few days to think about it) and I finally made my decision (YES! I'm going), was made the leader for this programme (in charge of collecting the fee, such huge amount), went to support Eric Tan for his recital.

- Exciting month! Celebrated Jack's birthday and dinner with havoc peeps. And I left to Korea for 2 weeks (for the first time ever, I have to be independent, taking care of 26 other people. Went to the airport at 5am, waited for everyone to arrive, panic when some of them arrived late, but wohoo, all of us managed to gather together and we took a picture before boarding the plane. First time flying with AirAsia X, the journey took us around 6 hours plus. Well, so many ups and downs during that 2 weeks stay but I'm thankful to God for helping me out with things. 2 weeks is really short, hoped to visit Korea again next time)

- Went to SSMC's Youth production, UnbrOKen, nothing much happened this month

- New semester, meeting with new juniors, collecting data for my own research (not easy)

- Tim's birthday surprise, CG durian outing (after so long, because we wanna let Park try our Malaysian delicacy, and he loved it!), Convo week and dinner (when will my turn be?)

- Tough month, data analysis (being scolded so many times, well, I'm not that pro in academic writing, very challenging)

- Christmas month! (Christmas party, CG dinner, hangout with juniors and havoc peeps, exploring the new MRT) and still working on my thesis (still struggling till now, but I believe that I'll be able to finish it by March!)

Above all, I wanna thank God for the many things that He has blessed me throughout the year, all the challenges that He has given me, I've learnt a lot, I've gained new knowledge and experience. My RA contract will be ending soon, well, putting my trust on Him, I believe that He has great plans for me, Looking forward to 2017. May it be another year of peace, love, joy, hope, etc =) I thank God too for the many great friends I have (thank you for always being there for me, encouraging and supporting me thru my toughest times). 

Friday, December 23, 2016

CG Dinner

As usual, before the semester ends, we had our CG Dinner, this time, we had it in Skewers SS2. 

 ~Ohana in Elphis CG~

This semester, suddenly the number of guys multiplied (you can see from the picture), last sem I told God, "God, provide our CG with more guys" and tadaa..haha
I wanna thank God for everyone of them in CG. They've been such a great blessing to many people and every week, CG would be so lively and havoc with their presence. 
I pray that each and every one of us will continue to trust in Him and to obey His instructions. Many of us are Postgrad students and we will be entering the working world soon, I pray that we will be the salt and light to the people around us and that in everything that we do, we do it for His glory =)


~Mannequin challenge~

Since it's kinda a trend now, we did one! Brandon the spoiler. LOLS

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Party 2016

It's time of the year again. CHRISTMAS!!!
So, we had our Christmas Party yesterday and for the first time I became the audience.hehe
Started off with dinner, video presentation, short drama, carolling, short message and photo taking time!

~Puteri Joyce and Kit Zai is back!~ 

 ~Joel (back), Joseph, me, Naoms, Ivan, Darryn~

~with Jack~

~with Christy~ 

~with Jo kor yang sentiasa perasan.~ 

 ~with Nicole who came all the way from UKM~

~with Sung Hyun. Annyeonghaseyo!!~ 

~with Yuen, first year TESL~ 

~with Naoms, finally back for good!~ 

~with my son, Chai~

~with Puteri Joyce~ 

 ~with Vian jie~
 ~with GCB~

~with Laura~

~when everyone wanna photoboom.LOL~


And last but not least, my Elphis CG family.
Mandatory family picture.hehe 

~OHANA, my family in Christ~