Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015. Whoooaa. what? WAIT! It's already 2015?
*time fliess* Noooooo.... another year has gone.

So, how did I end my year in 2014?
Well, we went for supper after we studied in KPS.haha.
Only a few of us (me, Alquin, Daniel, Wern Jun, Sam n Sheldon) went to Bumbung for their famous nasi lemak. yea, we spent the rest few minutes of 2014 there.

Im so gonna miss 2014 *cries many many tears* so much memories, so much great stories, so much joy, so much tears, so much havocness.

I'm sure this year it's gonna be another exciting year for me. What's my goal? I surrender it to God. =) I will let Him lead and guide me. Everything happens when the time comes. God has already planned all of it out. 

Spent the first day of New Year studying in MCD for 7 hours and it was freezing cold. And today marks one year since I got the letter to be accepted into UM. 

Let us continue to walk this journey of faith together. 

I want to continue to desire more of His Word.
I want to continue to seek Him.
I want to continue to walk in faith with Him. 
I want to continue to be a blessing to others.

Let Him hold your hand and let Him guide you =)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 (Part 3)

Day 3 in Seremban

In the morning, we went to eat the famous Seremban beef noodles. Yay! finally got a chance to taste it.

 ~beef noodles from Yee Kee~

After that, we went to Palm Mall, just to jalan jalan and get J-co's doughnuts. yay!! it's been ages since I last ate the doughnuts from J-Co. Then we went Toys R Us and havoc there. *Daniel and Tim also pening see me and Naomi showing our inner child thingy*.LOL

~we had much joy and fun together for the past 2 days~

After much fun and joy in the mall, Naomi dropped me in Tim's house in the evening and I had dinner with the Kwan family before we headed back to UM. Nooooo *procrastinating* dont wanna go back ='( 
Tim's mum is a good cook too and she feeds me with so much food till my tummy wanna explode.ahaha..

Really thank you to both Naomi and Tim's parents for welcoming us to their house. Thank you too to Daniel Wong for fetching me to Seremban.haha..

I had a great stay although it was a short one. Gonna cherish all the memories that I had. This kinda sums up my story for the year. 

Back to UM--->exam week.. All de best peeps for your finals! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 (Part 2)

The story continues~

Day 2 in Seremban, Naomi dropped me off to Tim's house around 10 something. We were all going to ESCAPE ROOOM!!! It's gonna be my first time, I heard people say itz exciting. And so, the journey of Day 2 in Seremban begins.

Went to Escape Room in Seremban Prima with Tim's whole family. Wow, aunty and uncle are so sporting as they also joined in the game. 

 ~Clement, the president~

We chose the room "Heaven and Hell" and we need to solve all the given tasks in 45 minutes. It was fun, really fun, but kinda challenging. You really need to be creative in solving those numbered locks. HAHA. We kinda spent our time quite long in the first room that was "Heaven", I guess if we were given extra time, we would be able to solve all the numbered locks. hehe..

~the fun that we had~

I would love to try the rest of the rooms in future. =D

~meet my new friend, Pororo~

~Daniel and Pororo~

~the Kwan brothers (Tim n Clement)

We had lunch in Pizza Hut after that,
~thank you for the lunch treat~

After lunch, we headed back to Tim's house to chill in the afternoon as it was raining. Nice weather tho. So, we decided to watch Mrs Doubtfire, it was a very nice and touching movie. Had a great time talking to aunty on many different topics.haha.

We headed to Naomi;s house for dinner in the evening. Her mum cooked curry and briyani rice.nyummms

The curry was really spicy but it was so good. Her mum is really a good cook. After dinner, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy till around 11pm.  *supposed to go back but we decided to stay another day*. I dont wanna go backkk!!

~to be continued

Monday, December 29, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 (Part 1)

Tho I did not spend my Christmas in hometown this year, but I had a fun and exciting time with a few PKV-ians during Christmas. 
Went to DUMC in the morning with Daniel and Alquin for Christmas Service. Jaclyn Victor and Juwita Suwito was the worship leaders. The church was filled with so many people, upstairs and downstairs. HAHA. It was so good praising God and singing Christmas songs. 

~Daniel, me and Alquin during the Service~

We had lunch after that and Daniel and me went to Seremban after that. It was kinda a random getaway,LOL coz we just wanted to get away from the city and spend Christmas somewhere else. So, we called Naomi and Tim informing them that we will be crashing into their house for 2 to 3 days. And so, the journey to Seremban begins~

Reached STM (Seminari Theologi Malaysia) where Naomi stays around 430pm. We had a smooth journey as there were no jam on the road. When we arrived, we could smell food. HAHA.. We helped her mum out with a few dishes, helped out to roast the chicken and lamb. There were also quite a number of people in her house. 

Around 7 something, we had our dinner. Wooohooooo.....Christmas dinner with roasted chicken, roasted lamb, roasted veggies, and more. I loveee the food. It was soooo delicious. After dinner, we went to Seremban 2 for Starbucks. HAHA, 3 nights in a row, and DW paid again @@ noooo.. aish daniel, paisehhh la... nvm,it will be my turn to belanja you one day. Thank you Daniel.. =D nice guy la you.

~Daniel, me, Kah Yee, and Naomi~

~to be continued

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

On Christmas Eve, 24th Dec, brought Olivia and Alquin to IKEA, coz they never tried the meatballs before. So, we explored around that area using public transport from UM to Damansara. It was an interesting journey. We managed to reach the place around 11.30am.

It was their gurls first time trying IKEA food and they can basically ordered everything on the menu.LOL.

 ~their signature dish, IKEA meatballs~

~chicken wings~

~we bought the drinks coz the bottle looks cool.LOL~

~us in IKEA~

After our brunch, took these girls to explore inside IKEA, looking at those cool furniture. There were soooo many people *obviously coz itz Christmas Eve* Toured around the place and we took a few pictures...haha. After that, we went IPC, there were sales everywhere, but I dont really wanna buy anything coz I have all the things already. so yea, save money. After IPC, instead of waiting for the bus, we walked to One Utama. HAHA, WALKED.LOL.
Yea, we walked despite the heavy traffic and construction area.. and we reached One Utama in 15 minutes. *YAY* Walked around One Utama, new wing and old wing, coz Alquin need to find suitable shoe size. so we just get into any shoe shop..huhu.
After all the shopping and all and my bones cracking, we went to visit Daniel who was working in Starbucks. And, he treated us again for the drinks *paisehhh*. He refused to let us pay. Thankkk you so much DW! we chill there and took a break before continuing our window shopping, and while waiting for DW to finish his work.haha.

~our drinks~

~us in SB~

We had a long and fun day exploring places on a Christmas Eve. It was a fruitful fellowship together. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 coming to and end

When i looked back, this year, 2014 had been a great year to me.
So many things had happened.
Thank you God for each and every blessings that He had blessed me with. 

January: Received the letter to enter into UM *i don't know what to react that time, I was just so happy* 

February: Enrolled into UM. A new place and environment for me. Meeting many new people from the first day I registered. Met up with Wern Jun and the rest for dinner where I got to know a few new Christian friends in UM.

March: Joined PKV and Bible study. It's so nice you know, where you have a CF (Christian Fellowship) in uni where you can get to know other brothers and sisters in Christ. Oh! I met Vivian (my childhood friend from Muar, what a small world)

April: Went to watch FESENI where some of my friends (Clem, Wern Jun, Cherie, Sam, Kim, Zach, etc) were involved in it. Went there to support them. Still quite new and still getting to know them more. I joined in the Easter practice as one of the villagers for the coming Easter as well. WOW, i had to dance and also act.LOL. And these people have great talents, from writing scripts, to composing music, to singing and to acting. I'm totally amazed by all of them.

May: Silence of the drums production in UM, evangelical event for 2 days. For that 2 days, the theater was filled with people. And all of us have come this far, because of God's goodness despite we had many challenges during the practice. And it's been 3 months since I entered UM. Got to know many people mostly from PKV. Thank God for that. I know I'm not alone because I have these awesome people who is there for me.

June: Had church camp and study week. LOL, basically our study week was makan week. We went different places to eat during that week. Havent even breakfast, we already planned for dinner and we even had a Makan Group Whatsapp! Went to KPS everyday during study week and also exam week. After exams,we had 2 months of sem break.

July: Worked in J-kids for 2 months during study break. And.... our results were being posted to our house! I was speechless when my friend told me that she got her results already. I went WOW WOW!! they posted our results to our home??haha. But Thank You Lord for the wonderful results I had, although one of the paper was seriously a killer  paper and I kinda screwed it. 

August: Still working in the kindergarten near my house. Well, can earn extra income for myself. Was chosen to be involved in MSK (Malam Suai Kenal) for the next semester as the Transport & Logistics committee. The first time when Clement approached me about this, I was kinda hesitant as I had not done this before, but first and foremost, I'm not doing all these to serve myself, but to serve and honour God. We had online meetings every fortnight to discuss about our "perkembangan" haha. That whole month was my first time calling up different people, dealing about the venue and other stuffs. *wow! Thank God for the giving me the courage to speak*

September: omo...2nd sem already!! 7 months since I entered UM *can't you believe it?* MSK committees met up for the last time before the event on the 18th.  That is where we gather all Christian juniors and seniors together. Getting to know them better. Hall was packed with many new juniors who had just entered UM. Thank you Lord for bringing them here. 

October: Had Inter CG games-Captain ball. It was my first time playing captain ball and it was FUN!! I would wanna join again in future. Got the same group as Tim, and though our group lose, he said it's okay. Indeed, when he talks *angin kuat* words of wisdom came out *salutes*. It was Convocation week too at the 3rd week of October, I joined the rest to celebrate together with them and lambung them. Ngaww, I'm so gonna miss those who have graduated, although I've just known them for one sem. And we had T.H.E CAMP!!! 4 days of exciting time with God in GSBA, PD. I love the time I had there with everyone as you can see in my previous blog posts. =D

November: As usual, packed with assignments and reading more journals day by day, meeting up supervisor for ideas, etc. We also started our carolling and skit practice for the Christmas Party. 

December: We had Christmas Party and Final Year Party during the last day of PKV. It's the end of the year 2014. But for me, it's never the end. I thank God for the many many blessings, His love, His grace, His mercy, His faithfulness to me throughout this whole year. 

Sincerely, I really like my life in UM compared to MSU. =) This is because I have a great and awesome family here, I have a CF here which is PKV. They are always here to encouragement when I'm down, to cheer me up when I'm sad, etc. I have the chance to connect with brothers & sisters in Christ, I have the chance to know and learn more about God's word. Thank you God for placing me in UM. I know He has a purpose for placing me here. 

And oh yea, maybe having a postgrad CG is one of them, for me to step out from my comfort zone. Thanks to Tim who's always there to encourage me in this matter. 

Looking back, 2014 had been truly a great year for me =)
How about you? How have your year been?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Final Week of PKV

We had Oscar's Awards themed Final Year Party for those who were in their final semesters. It was a time of joy, laughter and a tinge of sadness.
I'm so gonna miss them all, although I've known some of you for only a while, you guys had really been a blessing to me.

 ~last P&W session for the year~

~we had a great time praising and worshipping Him~

 ~emcees for the Oscar award~

~host for Oscars Award~

Presenting to you the seniors who are in their final semester:
 ~Chye Mei~


 ~Daniel Hiew *hiew kor*~

 ~Vei Wen (ex president from CM, chinese ministry)~

~Joseph *my bro, coz we share the same surname*~

 ~Jon Aaron~

 ~Jia Qi~

 ~Andre from Indonesia~
Nice meeting you. Nice talking to you in Bahasa Indonesia too.haha
This guy worships in Sidney Mohede's church back in his hometown.


~Joyce *Mama Joyce*~

Joyce!! I'm gonna miss you loads. *sobs*
Gonna miss studying together with you in IS.
Thank you for the love, encouragement, etc that you've given to me. Indeed you're a mama to me.
Still remembered the first time I met you.=D

All de best to all the upcoming graduating friends. Keep in touch! Love all of you =)