Monday, September 26, 2016

Missing Korea

Almost 2 months since we left Korea.
Oh well, still kinda cannot move on.LOL
Missing Korea so much! Scrolling through those pictures on FB and even in my lappy, ah how I've missed those times we were there.
Wonder how are they doing there in Korea? =)

Anyways, throwback to some of the pictures I got from my friend. 

Missing Jeonju, Missing CBNU, Missing Hanok Village, Philbong Mountains, Dueok Village, Seoul, Everland, etc.
I'm so gonna go Korea again next time, with friends maybe? haha 
Hope my parents will let me fly with my friends, not easy for them to let me go on a holidays overseas.

난 한국이 너무 그리워 (I miss Korea so much!)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence Day)

On 31st August, it was Malaysia's Independence Day (Merdeka).
Didn't go to the malls or anywhere, just sat and chill at home, coz we know that the malls are packed with people since it was a public holiday.
The night before, we went to Dataran Merdeka since Yvonne's brother has never been to Dataran Merdeka.
Manage to get a spot for parking, and we walked to Dataran Merdeka.
There were so many people (like thousands of people), we saw fireworks on the way to Dataran Merdeka!

~Selamat Hari Merdeka!!~

We just stroll along the streets at Dataran Merdeka till 1am+ and we headed back.

Last few days, we went to Ikea and Curve to celebrate Char's birthday, also just a time to catch up with one another.

~with Titus, Tim, Char, Vian and me~

It's been a year plus since I've stepped into IKEA.So long ago!
We had a great time over dinner and dessert where we had the new Hershey's MCD ice cream.
Walked around in the mall and then we sat down in IKEA cafe to chat.
Twas a wonderful fellowship =)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SSMC Youth Night 2016

Last Saturday, we (me, Christine, Hui Shan, Char, Vian, Li Wen, Andrew) went to a youth production by SSMC (Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church).


God puts the OK in broken.
The production is about many current issues faced by youth nowadays such as abuse, being neglected by parents, peer pressure, etc.

~before entering the hall~ 

Twas a great production.
Thumbs up to everyone who was involved in the production! =D

 ~a picture with the Music Director, Kim (left)~

When PKV-ians meet, we havoc.LOL

 ~working peeps~

~all of us~

So good to see em again.
2 more weeks and it's the start of new sem again.
And juniors will be coming in, oh my! so fast!

Night well spent with these peeps, we went for supper at Murni's and after that they stayed at my house and havoc round 2.hehe

Friday, August 12, 2016

Time well spent

Had a great time with different peeps after coming back from Korea.
PKS (Post Korea Syndrome) still going strong. Sobs..
Asked the working peeps if they're free for dinner the week after I came back, haha missing em lor.

~with Tim and Aaron~

Vian couldn't join us as she had a friend's birthday celebration.
Gave em their souvenirs from Korea =D

~my son is back!~

He's back from Camp Cam after 3 weeks.
Good to see him growing more in Him. We kept in touch almost everyday while I was in Korea and he was in Cameron.
May you continue to serve Him faithfully in whatever you do and wherever He has placed you.  

~met Grace~

She came to Edu fac to meet one of her lecturers and she asked me out to yam cha.
So had a good time with her for almost an hour talking about many things.
We both missed Korea so much, haha especially the times we spent together at night, talking about our faith and singing songs of praises. 

~with Aaron, Vian and Yvonne~

Working peeps dinner round 2.
Went to Strangers at 47, after they renovated and they had new food on the menu!
Korean fried chicken crepe.omo 

~Date with Miss Tay~

Managed to jio Christine out, treated her for her upcoming birthday dinner.
Blessed birthday in advance Christine!
May you continue to trust in Him in whatever you do and grow more in Him =)
So glad to be able to see her after so long. 

~with Fatimah~

Spent quality time with this gurl too,met up in Mid Valley.
Had a great time chit chatting and talking about our times in Korea.
Oh how I've missed Korea,it's been 2 weeks since we're back. 

Time well spent with everyone =)
Love you all! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Memorable experience in Korea

So, how was Korea?
It was good!
I truly had a great time during my 2 weeks stay in the city Jeonju.

Jeonju, a city which is full of greens and nature. It is also famous with its traditional food bibimbap which is well known across South Korea. People there were very friendly and always portray a smile on their face. We felt safe in Korea, as we can just leave our important belongings anywhere without being stolen by people. We also felt safe by walking alone at night without being worried of people kidnapping us.

The uni that we were in-Chonbuk National University (CBNU).
Such a huge campus and they have a National park and zoo inside the uni. WOW!
Clean campus and their rooms, gosh, so nice, with aircond and water heater.
With just one access card that looks like a pendrive, we can enter into our hostels.
There's a convenience store, stationary shop, a cafe, western food and noodles shop which is so convenient for students living there.
Recycling bins were provided at the ground floor of the hostels where we need to separate our own rubbish accordingly (papers, platic, vinyl, books, umbrella, etc).
Their toilets are also very clean, you can't throw your toilet paper inside the toilet bowl, you have to throw it separately.

Missing the times where my friends and I used to walked to Old Gate or Lotte Mart every night during our free time.
Just strolling around the streets, so happening, so many facial products shop.
Sometimes, we will take the cab to town area Gaeksa, which has more shops like Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, etc.

 ~Old Gate~


You literally walked everywhere. People there loves to walk.
Although the weather was really sunny,but it was not humid, you won't feel sticky or smelly after sweating a lot.
Would love to experience the other seasons there in future.

Truly, God has really blessed me by giving me the opportunity to explore something new.
Especially travelling overseas without your parents, being independent and managing stuffs on your own.
Tho there were lotsa ups and downs before and during the trip, you have no idea how many stuffs I was asked to settle before this trip, but I am blessed to have 25 others who helped me out with things while we were in Korea and also for my HOUSEMATES and PKV friends who were helping me out before the trip!
What would I do without them! (i was physically and emotionally drained)
Truly grateful and thankful for all of em.
I've made many new friends, be it from UM or from CBNU,
New connections made, new friendships formed, I pray that it will last forever.

Really sad that 2 weeks past so fast. Just when you wanna get to know one another more, you had to leave.
Thank you for all the memories we had.
Thank you for the hospitality that you have given us.
Thank you for making us feel warm in CBNU and Korea.
Thank you God for everything.

Korea, i will definitely visit you again! =)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Feeling Korea (Day 13)

Our last day in Korea (29th July 2016).
Couldn't really sleep last night.
Woke up around 5am, took a bath, and looked at the view from my hostel room.
I'm so gonna miss everything here in Korea.
Time flies, 2 weeks just passed by so fast.
Wished I could turn back time and have everything moved slowly.
Checked out with our luggage and went for our last breakfast. 

~last view at 530am from my hostel room~ 

~my room~

Gonna miss my room.

~till we meet again CBNU~ 

~last pic before going for breakfast~ 

 ~last pic with Ngoc~

Gonna miss you Ngoc!
Hoped you'll visit Malaysia one day =)

~last pic with my leader, Jiwon~

 ~last breakfast~

Gosh! So sad.
Felt like crying but no. I don't wanna flood CBNU.huhu
Hold back my tears, said the last goodbye to all volunteers and the programme manager and the friends that we met.
I had an awesome trip here in Jeonju.

We started our journey from CBNU to Incheon airport at 8am.

~gonna miss the greens~ 

~the mountains~ 


It was raining heavily halfway from Jeonju to the airport.
Even the sky was sad that we're gonna leave. 

We reached the airport around 11am.
Waited for 30minutes before we can check in.
~us in the train~

Checked in, had our lunch in Lotte Ria, and did the last shopping coz there were many duty free places.

~our plane~

We reached KLIA2 at 10pm.
What a long and tiring journey.

~gift from all 25 of them~

Thank you so much for these.
Appreciate and thankful for each and everyone of you.
It's been a great joy to work together with all of you.
Most importantly, I gained 25 new friends. 

~all the things that we did~

Goodbye Korea, till we meet again!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Feeling Korea (Day 12)

Today's gonna be a long day for us, and it's the LAST FULL DAY for us in Korea.
Anyways, we woke up even earlier for breakfast, 730pm sharp we were at the cafeteria.
Had our breakfast and met up at the carpark at 8am.
We're going to Everland Theme Park, one of the largest theme park in Korea.
And it's gonna be my first time riding roller coasters and everything else in there.
Most importantly, we get to see Panda for FREE! Coz you just need to buy the admission tix, and everything else is FREE.

~our admission and meal coupon~


Can't believe I'm here!!
Usually, you just hear from people that it's so fun and all, but now, I've stepped into Everland.
~group 2 pic before entering inside~

~we're inside Everland~ 

Time to explore.
There were so many things to play and do, but we only have 5 hours.
So, I just followed the ones they chose.

~LINE shop~

We went to our first stop, the family roller coaster place. 
So many people were queuing up for it, but it's okay.
My first time!

Sat the first roller coaster of the day and WOW! still okay, mayb coz it's a smaller one.
Went to our second stop which is the 360 spinning top.
I'm kinda afraid of it, but no harm giving it a try aite? =D
So, we queued up for it (and we saw a few volunteers) we and sat on that 360 spinning top.
For the first few minutes, I was okay (still can wave to the volunteers), then when it started spinning even more high up the air, I closed my eyes.
My heart--it just dropped to the ground.
Gosh, I came down feeling dizzy.LOL
What a great experience. Fuh...

Decided to go for lunch before proceeding to other places.

~lunch at one of the restaurant stated on our coupon~

Online, rested and had a good lunch. 
Then, we proceeded to the next place, with some water thingy.
We have to sit on something, it goes up, comes down in a fast pace with water splashing on us.
The queue for that water activity, oh my! So long! haha
We waited for around 30minutes, and finally it was our turn.

Another new experience for me:
Enjoyed it but gosh, felt like i was gonna flew out from the boat i was sitting when it slide down backwards.
Got wet coz the water fountain splashed all of us.LOL
But, it was fun.

~us after getting wet~

Next stop was the Pirate Ship.
People said that it was very scary.
Since I'm here, so i'll just try it.

~selfie before it goes up~ 

~gets higher and higher into the air~

I closed my eyes throughout the entire process.
I was feeling dizzy and my heart was beating so fast.
Gosh, it was really scary.
Once is enough.haha
Got down from the pirate ship, I felt so dizzy.LOL

The next stop we went was the roller coaster.
This time, it's an average one and slightly bigger.
My second time on the roller coaster for the day.

~us before riding the 2nd roller coaster~

Sat on it, went round and round, and it turned.
OMG! haha
As usual, closed my eyes the entire journey.
Enough of roller coaster for the day. Fuh, my heart, scattered on the ground.

 ~the longest and largest roller coaster in Everland~

This is the 3rd roller coaster in Everland.
Le friends wanted to try it.
I didn't join them and waited for them at a souvenir shop.

 ~ice drink!~

Weather was really hot, and yea sunburn again. 

~Saranghae Korea! Gonna missssss Korea!~ 

~us, feeling tired~ 

All of us were feeling tired after all those rides.
So we decided to just take the open air cable car and explore the other places.

~us at the open air cable car~

Quite fun to sit in the open air cable car. 
Our next stop was to see panda! Wohhooo!! 

~taken in a souvenir shop~ 


We saw a number of animals while walking to the Panda World.
Lions, penguins, birds, seals, etc. 
~here we are at Panda World~ 

 ~they were asleep when we were there~

There were 2 pandas in that place, Ai Bao and Le Bao.
Both were sleeping on the ice when we were there. 
These pandas were given to Korea from China, like Malaysia.
The place was fully air conditioned. Wow, so xing fu the pandas.

~with Le Bao~

It was his birthday that day!  

~so cute~

Can't remember the name of this animal, but gosh, so fluffy!! 

~panda souvenir shop~

Before heading out to the main entrance, we entered few souvenir shops.
We even captured many pictures around the place.
~with Brown, from LINE~ 

~Thank you EVERLAND for having us~

Grabbed a quick dinner using our coupons and we head out to gather at the main entrance at 530pm. 

~a pic with our funny leader~ 

~with the Program Manager of Feeling Korea 2016 programme~

Thank you so much for your great hospitality towards us.
I had a great and memorable experience in Korea. 

~a token of appreciation from Faculty of Education to CBNU~

Twas a long day.
The journey from Everland to CBNU was about 2 1/2 hours.
We reached CBNU around 830pm.
And yay! we got our pottery back and we took last pics with the volunteers.

~with Hyun Ho, another funny and sporting volunteer~ 

~gift from Malaysia to our leader~

Promised myself not to cry when i see them for the last time.