Friday, June 26, 2015

PKV Activities 2015 (P2)

More PKV Activities after the Sem break =)

Week 8: Eschatology

Mr Michael William spoke about end times, where we explored more about the book of Revelation.

Week 9: We had our Easter Production "FOUND"

Week 10: Pornography

It was a great privilege to listen to Pastor Tryphena about the topic pornography. She spoke about her past experiences about this topic. It was a deep topic to all of us.

Week 11: Trinity and Its Elements

This topic "Trinity and its Elements" where all of us were looking forward to it.
It was such a mind boggling session, but we were able to learn more about it from Pastor Ronald.

Week 12: Reflection week

Indeed it was a challenging semester.
We came together and reflected on what we did for the past 11 weeks.

Week 13: Final Year Party

Every time during this time, *emo* coz people will be leaving us, so many people graduating this year.

 ~messages for the graduating peeps~

This year's theme was Guinness World of Record.
Overflowing notes, haha was rushing to stick all of it in their books.

 ~graduating seniors performance~

They did the cup song which was so good!
This time *emo* sad weyhh..
All the memories that I had with them...

~graduating peeps~

All the best in your future undertakings!
I believe God has something great in store for each and every one of you guys.
Keep in touch!

Week 14: Annual General Meeting

Ended this sem with AGM, where the old committee stepped down and the new committee stepped up.
Thank you to the previous committee who had done such a great job in planning all the activities and events for us.
Appreciate it so much.
 ~the new committee~

~all the new committee as well as Care Group leaders~

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surprise for Alquin and Jack

We had our last gathering in our usual place in Wahids before everyone balik kampung for sem break.
So sad =( Gonna miss each and everyone of you. Time flies, and itz the end of semester.

We had an early birthday celebration for both Alquin and Jack's birthday as well.
It was kinda random, lol and we had a really epic day.

~signature chocolate cake from Baker's Cottage~

Went to get the cake after lunch with Naomi at SS2. Both of us didnt redraw extra money and we were like " I think RM 60 would be enough for 1kg cake la"
So, Naoms dropped me off at Baker's Cottage and I went and chose the cake.
Apparently, this cake caught my eyes.LOL and it was RM72.40 *panic*

Asked the guy to write the message on it and I told him I'll be back in a min to get something.
Waited for Naoms to turn one round and asked her for extra cash.LOL
Thank God the cake got a 15% discount, so yea...=D

Drew something on the envelope for Jack and Alquin.

 ~Jack and the beanstalk~

 ~the Queen of UM~

Thanks guys for coming today.
Enjoy your holidays and Camp Cameron for those who are going.
*cries* missing everyone

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sending Princess Joyce off

 On the 17th of June 2015, we went to KLIA to send Joyce off back to her hometown in Miri.
Well, me and Yvonne came out with a plan of going to KLIA and surprising her before she leaves.
I know before that Joyce told me that "no need to send me la, i'll be coming back for convo anyway. Dont bring the whole world to KLIA" haha, but the plan had started way earlier before that.
On that day itself, I had to call her in the morning, I told her that Yvonne and me will be coming to meet you in KLIA (and she was like okay, drive safely ah)

And the journey began.....
Took the bus to LRT uni, then train to KL sentral, and bus to KLIA, it was a long journey tho.haha

Arrived in KLIA around 12 noon, phew, I scared we couldnt reach on time.

~Joyce, sorry for bringing the whole world to send you off~

I told myself that I cannot cry when I meet her, but failed.LOL
The moment we hugged each other, gone case, haha tears started flowing.
Joyce was like " Are YOU CRYING??"
Sorry Joyce....huhu

Joyce has been such a dear friend to me in KK7 and even in PKV, she is like a mama to me. 
We will always do random stuffs in college, and I'm really gonna miss that when she's back home.
Still remembered the first time I met you, LOL, you looked kinda garang, and I was super quiet that time.

~we waved million times to her.haha~

Dunno how many time we waved to her, LOL.
She was like "macam I'm going overseas for few years.haha"
Surrounded her with prayer before she left to the hall, and we hugged each other again for the last time, gah and yea, i felt emo again.
She said "dont crai dy, later banjir KLIA.hahah" 
Goodbyes are never easy......

Ngaww, I'm gonna miss u loads Mama Joyce! Take care back there in Miri, I'll see you during your convo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sam's birthday Surprise

We had this birthday surprise on the 15th of June.
Was planning it with Kim to bring this didi out on his birthday, but decided to have it earlier coz he had killer paper on the 18th June.

We actually planned to kidnap him from wherever he is.LOL, but macam fail.
We invited his close friends from JS and also a few close friends from UM =)
Depended on Clem to jio him out for dinner. then study, and when he told Sam that they were going out to study, Sam doesnt wanna go.
The moment I went up and told him "Sam, faster, we're going out to study, dun let Kim wait, we are going MCD to study"
His face was PRICELESS! he was sooo blur then.haha

We reached the place situated near FES, which is Merdekarya.
Cool place tho. And yea, Sam was still blur, wondering where are we bringing him to.
When he stepped into that place "SURPRISE SAM!", he was shocked, even shocked when he saw his JS friends.

 ~the birthday boy, the nerd~

Happy night for him coz he got to drink a lot.haha

~Clem and his Ginger Ale~

He drank few sips of beer and tequila.
Woots! good job pressy.LOL

 ~Andrew and his Ginger Ale~

*phil on the loose*
His face.haha

 ~Tim and his hot chocolate~

Setia with his drink, we offered him one sip of beer but he didnt want it.

 ~me and my Ginger Ale~

Wanted Apple Cider but kinda pricey. Go Piccadilly next time, cheaper.
Had a sip of tequila, whoa,nice!

 ~Boon Hoe and his Ginger Ale?~

Thanks for bringing the FOF team.

 ~my mei, Kimmy and her Hoegaarden beer~

Thanks for planning all these Kimmy!
Had a great time planning with you.LOL
Cracking ideas, and coming up with few backup plans.

 ~happy kids~

~Sam and his JS friend, John~

~Faculty of Funk team~

Friday, June 12, 2015

Trip to Seremban & Malacca

We made a trip down to Malacca on the 10th of June.
I think this is my errmm dunno how many times down to Malacca with them dy.LOL
I always told them, don't just stop at Malacca, come down Muar. =D

 ~4 howt gurls~

We decided to wear red coz initially it was just me and Joyce, and Naomi said "I have red!", Yvonne got no choice but to wear red also.Ngeee

Reached Malacca quite early, around noon, then we straight have lunch.
Weather was kinda hot, and I regretted not bringing my umbrella from UM.haha

 ~stopped by the windmill~

As we were heading to Jonker Walk, we stopped by certain places for pictures.
Normal la us, we love to take loads of pics. =D

Went to Jonker 88 for lunch, the queue was super long, it's school holidays anyway.
Ate the Laksa kahwin which was kinda spicy but I made it.
After that, we stroll along Jonker Walk, cuci mata tengok barang and sambil beli dessert.haha
Tell me, how to not grow fat?

~at the Dutch fort (Yvonne, Joyce, me)~

 ~the models for the year~

~windmill near Stadhuys~

We don't know where else to walk, haha, so we just sat and chill near Stadhuys building and eating desserts and some food that we bought.
Took many pics, and watch those street performers sing.

Our final destination before heading back to Seremban was Old Village Satay Celup.
It's my first time there.

~posing with our food~

The food? hmm ok only lor.haha
It's just normal lok lok in satay sauce.
I can buy my own fresh food and we make our own sauce.Can makan lagi banyak.LOL
*cant wait to stay out, coz we can cook!*

For the rest of the time in Seremban, we just jalan jalan at Palm Mall and I bought few tshirts coz there's sale.haha

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Birthday 2015

How did I spent my birthday this year? 

4th of June-during PostgradEdu CG, these peeps came out with a surprise for me.haha

8th of June- spent my bday in Picadilly with Kimmy, Sam and Vian. Thank you so much guys for surprising me..haha so touched by them. 

The next day, went to Seremban on the 9th of June using the public transport. 
Celebrated my birthday with Naoms, Joyce, Clem and Yvonne.
Thank you Joyce for baking a special apple's pie for me as well as cooking the other food.
Thank you aunty for the gift.
Thank you friends for the lovely messages and gifts and your love.
Feeling so homey, blessed and loved by these people.
Get to learn some baking stuffs also.haha

~grocery shopping for the food~ 

~Mama Joyce, who cooked and baked for us all~

She's flying back home already this coming 17th June to Sarawak.
Gonna misssss her so much!

 ~this gurl is a big gurl now~

 ~i made 3 alphabets.haha~

 ~nice weyh!~

~all the scrumptious food~

We had Shepherd's pie, garlic bread and roasted pumpkin for dinner and apple pie for dessert.
I tell you, really wanna explode dy my tummy.
haha, but really very delicious lor all the dishes. Thank you sooo much Mama Joyce!

I had a wonderful bday celeb this year.
Thank you God for all of you guys. <3 font="">

Monday, June 8, 2015

PostgradEdu CG Dinner

On the 4th of June, we had our very first PostgradEdu CG dinner at Nando's Jaya One. Only 3 of them couldn't make it due to some reasons =(..huhu, but I'm glad that the others came ^_^
Invited both CGC (Care Group Committee) for the dinner. It was Sam's first time to my CG.huhu
The other reached the place before us (actually it was a plan that Naomi came to pick me up late) 

~all of us~

~postgrad peeps (2 more couldn't make it)~

This was their plan. Haha.
U guys really weyh, made me cry that time.
I was speechless at that moment.
~thank you for the surprise!~

I kinda know something but macam not sure what when Vian and Cherie were changing their transport stuffs.LOL
 Manatau, they're actually doing a birthday surprise.
ngaww, im so touched and really thank you guys for all these. 

 ~I am truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my CG~

You guys had been such a great person to me.
I pray that each and every one of you will continue to shine for the Lord and continue to grow strong with Him.

~them with their personal messages and the artsy stuffs~

Glad that they liked it =)

~Kuching peeps (Ervinna, Cherie, Yvonne, Alquin)~

~all the love from them~

Thank you again for all your messages. 

 ~new tab cover~

I love all of you guys.
Thank you God for bringing all of them into my life.
I pray that my CG will continue to grow, and all of us will continue to stand strong on our faith. =)
Blessed.Just blessed and thankful and grateful.